Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey in coaching, but not sure what to expect? Then read up on our interview with Melanie Mitchell founder at Find Succeed Achieve, a Life & Career Coaching service.

Tell us all about your business...

Career Coaching - I work with professionals from College Graduates to C-Level Executives who need assistance from everything from their Resumes, LinkedIn Profiles, Job Interviewing, Job Searching. I help individuals land their dream jobs & achieve their career goals.

What's your background and motivation to grow as a solopreneur?

I was a recruiter for over 18 years and in 2017 went on my own Career Journey. Ultimately, I had the opportunity to help individuals with their resumes and what started as a part-time side business slowly turned into a business on a full-time basis. I am motivated every day to help individuals realize both their professional and personal goals and find not just a "job" but a career that they love.

What's your biggest accomplishment as a business owner?

Just starting my own business. I call myself an "Accidental Entrepreneur". I did not set out to own a business. I honestly worked part-time helping people with resumes which expanded into preparing them for interviews, etc. I did it because I was rebuilding financially after some poor decisions and those stumbles ultimately led me to create a business in what I plan to be just the beginning.

What's one of the hardest things that come with being a solopreneur?

Being on your own. Oftentimes people that have regular full-time jobs don't understand the time commitment it takes when you are all by yourself. When you are not servicing clients, you have the operational and administrative side, then you have to think about marketing. It takes a lot of sacrifices.

What are the top tips you'd give to anyone looking to start, run or grow a small business today?

1. Know that it is going to be hard. And those are the times, yes, it would be easier to quit, but you have to remember why you started and keep that motivation.

2. Don't compare yourself to others. It's easy to see entrepreneurs with 6-Figures living life on Instagram and wonder what you are doing wrong. You can't compare where you are to where they are, and one day that can be you.

3. Continually push yourself. Keep thinking and dreaming big, you have something to offer and the world is waiting for it.

If there was one thing you could do repeatedly to help grow your business, what would it be?

Podcasts, Speaking Engagements, and Connecting with my Audience directly 1-on-1.

What are some of the things you put in place to maintain a healthy work/life balance and to keep it all together?

I am a work in progress and always trying to find the balance. I do try to schedule at least 1 hour 3-4x a week to work out. I don't have my phone and so it's 1 hour that is for me, no emails and no phone calls.

Who are some of your favorite entrepreneurs? Do you have any must not miss business resources that you'd recommend?

I am a big believer in Manifestation and I attribute it to changing my mindset back in 2017 and helping me start my business. I love Kathrin Zenika, Manifestation Babe. I have also recently been introduced to Heather Monahan who wrote Confidence Creator. She is truly inspiring.

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

I always say don't give up! You set out to achieve something so don't give up in getting yourself there!

Where can people find you?

Instagram: @mwexlercareercoach
Clubhouse: @Melaniewexler

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