Welcome to the digital Olympics, where brands spar for the golden spotlight, and their weapons of choice are Facebook and Google ads. It's no secret that mastering these advertising platforms can feel like navigating a labyrinth, with ever-evolving rules, regulations, and environments. A recent report by The Verge has highlighted the rising concern over ad circumvention systems, where marketers try to outsmart the enforcement systems of Facebook and Google's policies. The result? Unwanted account suspensions, policy violations, and plenty of headaches for marketers and e-commerce leaders.

Now, imagine you're preparing to compete in the Olympics. Wouldn't you want a seasoned coach to guide you through the rigorous training? Enter Subkit, the ultimate partner in your advertising relay. Subkit is your coach, personal trainer, and team manager all rolled into one, simplifying the complexities of advertising circumvention and helping your brand race toward the finish line unscathed.

Subkit is your out-of-the-box solution to the challenges of co-marketing and revenue sharing, and the perfect platform for managing memberships. And it doesn't stop there. Subkit is also an ideal launchpad for influencers, making it easier to promote bundles and subscriptions without stepping on the toes of advertising policies.

Stay tuned to find out how Subkit can help you leap over advertising hurdles and take your brand to the finish line, just like a seasoned athlete at the Olympics.

Understanding the Facebook and Google Advertising Systems and Ecosystem

Navigating the digital marketing landscape of Facebook and Google Ads can feel akin to the strategic maneuvering in an Olympic game. Both require a deep understanding of intricate rules and the ability to avoid costly penalties.

The rulebook of Facebook’s advertising policies outlines everything from ad content to the personal attributes that you're allowed to target source. Just as a false start can disqualify a sprinter, policy violations can lead to account suspensions. As reported by Social Media Examiner, such suspensions are not uncommon and can severely disrupt your marketing momentum source.

Similarly, Google Ads policies also enforce rigorous standards for ad content, landing pages, and the use of trademark terms source. A report by Search Engine Land emphasizes that Google doesn't shy away from suspending old and new google ads accounts that breach these guidelines source. So Google Ads circumventing systems policy does not play.

Experiencing an account suspension is akin to being sidelined from an important match. According to Marketing Land, a significant proportion of digital marketers have felt the blow of account suspensions, which can result in loss of account history, wasted ad spend, and even lost revenue source.

Common fouls leading to suspensions, as outlined by Advertiser Community, include violations of this policy related to ad content, prohibited products, or not abiding by Google's system and policies source.

In this high-stakes game, how can your brand avoid a red card? This is where Subkit comes in, acting as your team's coach, guiding you through the intricate world of digital advertising. As we delve deeper in the following sections, we'll explore how Subkit can help your brand avoid penalties, adhere to the rules, and score big in the digital marketing game.

Art of Creating Compliant Ads

Creating compliant ads is akin to training for an Olympic event; your new ad content and ad text must not only engage your audience but also abide by Facebook's stringent rules.

The Digital Advertising Alliance provides valuable insights into the best practices for drafting an ad's content and text. They emphasize the importance of avoiding sensitive topics and ensuring all claims are substantiated source: Digital Advertising Alliance. This is comparable to an Olympic coach instructing their athletes to follow the game rules and maintain sportsmanship.

Keeping your account in good standing is just as crucial as an athlete maintaining their physical condition and compliance with anti-doping regulations. Facebook's Business Help Center encourages the use of different language versions for different content to ensure your messages resonate with your diverse target audience source: Facebook Business Help Center. This is much like athletes adapting their strategies for different competition conditions and opponents.

Taking a look at the concept of a new facebook ad account, AdEspresso likens it to a second chance or a fresh start after a setback source: AdEspresso. It's like getting a mulligan in golf or a do-over in other sports.

Facebook's Business Manager, as explained by HubSpot, is a comprehensive tool that allows you to manage your old and new ad account(s), facebook accounts, facebook page(s), and the people who work on them, much like business managers overseeing their squad source: HubSpot.

Maneuvering through the complexities of creating compliant ads and maintaining high account quality can be daunting. That's where Subkit steps in, offering guidance much like an experienced Olympic coach. In the upcoming sections, we will explore how Subkit can help your brand win gold in your advertising efforts.

Navigating Through the Minefield of Suspended and A New Account

Steering through a suspended account and setting up new accounts in Facebook's advertising landscape is akin to managing an Olympic team where a top athlete has been unexpectedly disqualified. It can throw your game plan into disarray and put you on the defensive.

Why do disqualifications, or in our case, suspensions happen? It could be due to various reasons. The athlete might have broken a rule or failed a doping test. Similarly, Facebook suspends accounts often without prior warning due to reasons ranging from a common reason like credit card payment issues to policy violations and unusual activity, as outlined by WordStream source: WordStream.

In the face of such unexpected setbacks, what does a coach do? They call upon their reserves, their fresh talents. Similarly, you need to set up new advertising accounts, a process as nuanced and high-pressure as managing an Olympic team. Facebook's Business Help Center provides a comprehensive guide on setting up new accounts and managing account restrictions source: Facebook Business Help Center.

In this high-stakes game, Subkit comes in as your seasoned Olympic coach, simplifying the complex process for ecommerce brands and influencers. In the subsequent sections, we will explore how Subkit helps you recover from account suspensions and steers you smoothly through the establishment of new advertising accounts.

The Role of Subkit in Streamlining Ads Circumventing Systems

In the grand advertising Olympics, Subkit functions as your ace coach, ever ready to guide you through the challenging terrains of ecommerce advertising.

Subkit's partnership and membership platform is like an alternative Olympic event that offers a different, yet equally rewarding, challenge for ecommerce brands and influencers. It allows you to leap over the high hurdles of Facebook's advertising system, letting you focus on the finish line – connecting with your audience and boosting conversions source: Subkit.

Think of Subkit's cross-brand bundling like forming a powerful Olympic team, harnessing strengths from multiple athletes for collective success. With this co-marketing strategy, Subkit paves the way for shared successes, broadening your customer base and amplifying your marketing impact.

Subkit's tiered memberships function is like the varied viewing options offered to spectators at an Olympic event. Just as different tiers of seating cater to different spectator preferences and budgets, Subkit's tiered memberships cater to a variety of customer needs and budgets, encouraging a sense of belonging and increasing customer loyalty.

Consider paid loyalty programs as VIP passes to the Olympic games. Offering these paid memberships with exclusive perks can enhance customer satisfaction, as they receive superior value, much like Olympic fans enjoying a front-row experience with VIP passes. These strategies can improve customer retention, leading to increased revenue and profitability.

Subkit also recognizes the impact of a gold medal athlete, and in the ecommerce world, influencers are those medal winners. Influencers, with their massive following, can boost brand exposure and draw crowds, much like star athletes at the Olympics. Subkit provides a platform for influencers to promote your bundles and subscriptions, significantly increasing your brand visibility.

Subkit is the seasoned coach that can help you clinch the gold in your advertising race. Why not schedule a demo call with our Subkit sales team today and let us guide you towards the podium.