Starting a new business or side gig can be scary, especially if you're doing it alone. Here you'll find plenty of places, people and resources to guide you through the process. There's an old saying, "If you want to write, write what you know." Here at Subkit we believe if you want your big idea to succeed, start where you know.

Whether you’re a dance instructor or a mixologist, whether you want to capture hearts and minds through a podcast, a newsletter or grow your subscription audience, it’s never bad to begin at home. Right here in The Heat, Miami.

Miami. Where the Latinx, Caribbean and Indigenous heritage pumps through the vibrant city veins to create a small business class second to none. Where the sun shines on the white sand beaches and the buzzing arts community thrives. Where pastel reigns supreme, and most importantly where everyone is welcome. Welcome to Miami, bienvenida a miami...

Starting a business doesn’t have to mean a huge investment of time or money. You don’t need an office space, all you need is a comfortable place with good energy and great wifi. Luckily, you can find that all over Miami. There are hundreds of co-working spaces, coffee shops and bars to work from. All with the incredible advantage of connecting with other like-minded people who are also building their business and side hustles from scratch... to infinity.

Now that you’ve found your purpose, it’s time to find your people. Here are where other solopreneurs are getting sh*t done in Miami, co-working, and networking over coffee and cocktails.

Coworking spaces

Regus: Rent an Office Space to bring your solo entrepreneur journey to the next level. The Miami Regus is wonderful for entrepreneurs, because you can rent by the hour or the year. No need for a long term commitment up front.
Büro Miami: With six locations around Miami, you’re bound to find a Büro location that’s walkable to your home and favourite snackbar. If you’re not sure which one of these bright, airy co-working spaces is for you, test them all out with their day-passes.

Café, bars and fun places to work from

Brewing Buddha Café & Arthouse: Work all day with a steady caffeine flow (regulars rave about the coconut lattés) in a beautiful photography gallery. And it’s Miami so you know their sun-soaked patio has good wifi.
Puroast Coffee: This place has inside and outside tables, specializes in gorgeous coffee roasts and has the most loved avocado toast in the city. Who wouldn’t want to work from here?
Freehand: Never sleep on hotel cafés and bars in Miami if you’re looking for a hopping work spot. The wifi is good, and the Freehand has a perfect courtyard for working and breaking. When breaking, we suggest the Coral Castle if you’re imbibing, or the Miss Collins mocktail if you choose to keep your head on straight.
The Standard Spa: This one is a tad decadent, but stay with us. No one deserves some Me Time more than a solopreneur. If you buy a day pass to The Standard Spa you can spoil yourself and work on their powerful wifi from a hammock. A hammock. You deserve it.

Helpful tech goodness

Wynwood Studios: “Wynwood Studio is a full creative space that features several production facilities, your one stop solution for all your creative needs.” That’s right, this multi-functional space is very helpful for new entrepreneurs. It houses a photography studio, a recording studio, and soon a live-stream studio and an events space to show off all your hard work.
Soflo Studios: Here you can rent a studio to record a sick sounding podcast, or you can simply rent the equipment to sound professional from the comfort of your Florida home. Your call.

Places to help you create and get creativity flowing

Canva: Be your own graphic designer! It’s easy to design anything your heart desires, with many free templates.
Easil: Use their drag and drop graphic design tools to create whatever visual you need to kick your business up a notch.
Creative Mornings: Start your morning with a dose of creativity and learning from experts in Miami (and digitally around the world). Be sure to subscribe to their (actually awesome) newsletter that will keep you apprised of all of their upcoming inspirational speakers. They’re truly worth getting up for.
Innovation Leader: Professional development for just about anything you can imagine! Be a big thinker with one of their wide array of topics, such as innovation methodologies or employee engagement. We 100% believe your little idea will eventually have multiple employees.
General Assembly: Learn UX design, data science, digital marketing and plenty of other digital skills with GA’s bootcamps, courses and on-demand learning opportunities.

Feel inspired to start, run or grow your business? Check out and learn how you can turn "one day" into day one.