Starting a new business or side gig can be scary, especially if you're doing it alone. Here you'll find plenty of suggestions and resources to guide you through the process… even if you’re hoping to scale your big idea in the woods or on the open road. That’s right, in this article we’re tackling growing your business from… wherever you want to be.

The weather is warming up, and many of us have been cooped up in cramped spaces for over a year. If you’re lucky enough to safely access mother nature, we say, do it! But don’t let it slow down your solopreneur journey.

Whether you’re a yogi or a mixologist or anything in between, whether you want to capture hearts and minds through a podcast, a newsletter or grow your subscription audience, it’s never bad to work wherever you’re happiest.

Starting a business doesn’t have to mean a huge investment of time or money. You don’t need an office space, all you need is a comfortable place with good energy and great wifi. Luckily, you can build that for yourself wherever you want to be. By the sea? Perfect. In the woods? You do you. On a boat and on the open road switching it up regularly? Damn… can we work for you?

A beautiful green mountain is reflected in a lake.
Lake in South Africa by Colin Watts

Wanderlust helpers:

Rvezy: Let us help you take it easy in your RVezy. If you're in North America, this start up will help you get an insta-worthy vehicle to jumpstart your summer.

IndieCampers: Are you in the UK or Europe? IndieCampers wants you to take your work show on the road.

Yelp: You probably already have it loaded on your phone, but whatever you're looking for do it like a local. Make sure you have Yelp downloaded for your snack and stop needs.

Hotel Tonight: If you need to up your digs last-minute, hotel tonight does exactly what you think it would. It gets you a great hotel at a decent rate... that night! (Also available for bookings in advance in some cities).

Things to buy to make your road work sparkle:

Ring light: Lume Cube can make any virtual session or self-produced photoshoot shine bright. They make it mega easy with an online quiz for why you need the light and dozens of options.

Tripod: Ubeesize also has ring lights, but they can really steady your operation with their helpful phone and camera tripods!

Podcast equipment: No matter what your budget or recording space might look like on your adventures, here are 30 mics that will work on any budget.

Wonderful Wifi:

Pocket Wifi: If you're in Canada, you might think you only have the known major options for wifi and will have to tether to your phone on the road. Pocket Wifi disagrees! Have strong internet wherever you go in the Great White North!

SkyRoam: If you're working (really) remotely in the USA, SkyRoam has great data deals for you. Available by the GB, day or month.

Ryoko: If you're in the UK or Europe (or 139 countries around the world!), Ryoko has your high speed needs covered. If you're growing a full on empire on holiday, you'll be happy to know Ryoko connects to up to 10 devices!

Places to help you create free/cheap slick branding

Canva: Be your own graphic designer! It’s easy to design anything your heart desires, with *many* free templates.

Easil: Use their drag and drop graphic design tools to create whatever visual you need to kick your business up a notch.

Personal growth and professional development:

Creative Mornings: Start your morning with a dose of creativity and learning from experts anywhere and digitally around the world. Be sure to subscribe to their (actually awesome) newsletter that will keep you apprised of all of their upcoming inspirational speakers. They’re truly worth getting up for.

Innovation Leader: Professional development for just about anything you can imagine! Be a big thinker with one of their wide array of topics, such as innovation methodologies or employee engagement. We 100% believe your little idea will eventually have multiple employees.

Feel inspired to start, run or grow your business? Check out and learn how you can turn "one day" into day one.