Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey in health and wellness but unsure what to expect? Then read up on our interview with Heather de Paulo, a registered dietitian, and nutritionist based in Steinhatchee, FL, USA.

What's your business, and who are your customers?

I consider myself an entrepreneur because I have my hands in many different businesses and projects. I have a co-working office and two short-term rental properties and am currently working on four real estate development projects. I also have my website and blog about mindset, nutrition, and fitness for overall wellness for moms with kids of all ages. I wrote a book about breastfeeding: preparing in advance, how to overcome challenges along the way, plus nutritional guidance for lactating mamas.

Tell us about yourself

I'm a registered dietitian by trade. I got into the field because I found that I had devoured information related to nutrition and biochemistry. When I had my children, I decided to stop working and be a stay-at-home mom. My children are still my priority, but now I work on other projects that have fallen into my lap over the years, namely the real estate ventures. I still love nutrition and wellness, so I maintain my website to stay current with research and share what I learn to hopefully help other women with their health and wellness goals. What motivates me every day, honestly, is to set up multiple assets that create cash flow so I can work remotely and travel the world!

What's your biggest accomplishment as a business owner?

I think just accomplishing something I never thought I could do before has been huge for me. I've tapped into so many things that I knew nothing about (like writing a book) and managed to accomplish them on my own. It has made me realize that I can do anything that I set my mind to!

What's one of the hardest things that comes with being a business owner?

I think one of the most challenging things about being your own boss is staying effective, efficient, and motivated. It's so easy to get caught up with the small stuff, so maintaining focus on the big things that will really make a difference toward achieving your goals is key. Saying that, it's important to recognize that moving even 1% forward every day will add up, so not beating yourself up if you don't accomplish everything on a certain day is important to keep moving forward.

What are the top tips you'd give to anyone looking to start, run and grow a business today?

  1. Have confidence in yourself that you can do it. It may be scary at first, and you may get naysayers telling you why you can't, but if you really believe it's something you want to do, you will do it!
  2. Be resourceful - you can do anything if you are resourceful. Find those people who've already done what you want to do and follow them. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Most people are happy to help because they were in your position once!
  3. Persistence - things will not always go the way you want or think they should, and you will hit roadblocks. If you hit a dead end, try another path. There's always another way; if one way doesn't work, try something else. But don't give up!

Where can people find you and your business?


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