Becca Millstein, co-founder and CEO of Fishwife, is on a mission to redefine canned fish in North America. Her journey from a student in Spain to launching Fishwife is a story of discovery, passion, and innovation. My recent conversation with her sheds light on how Fishwife is making canned seafood exciting again.

Fishwife is a relatively new brand in the sustainable seafood industry, known for its ethically-sourced, canned seafood products. The brand emphasizes transparency, sustainability, and quality in its offerings, which include tinned fish like salmon, trout, and albacore tuna. Fishwife's products are often praised for their taste, convenience, and commitment to environmental responsibility.

Founded by Becca Millstein and Caroline Goldfarb, Fishwife aims to modernize the canned seafood market by introducing younger consumers to high-quality, responsibly harvested fish. The founders were motivated by the desire to provide accessible, nutritious seafood options that support both the planet and the people involved in the fishing industry. They focus on sourcing from fisheries and farms with sustainable practices and are vocal about their mission to revitalize the perception of canned seafood in the American market.

Fishwife collaborates with small-scale, sustainable fisheries and aquaculture operations, ensuring that their products meet high standards for both environmental and social responsibility. This includes sourcing from operations that adhere to strict fishing quotas and practices designed to protect marine ecosystems and species.

The brand has garnered attention for its vibrant packaging and clever marketing, appealing to a demographic that values both sustainability and aesthetics. Fishwife's approach to canned seafood speaks to a broader trend towards conscious consumerism, where people are increasingly seeking out products that are not only good for them but also for the planet.

Here is what I learned from Becca in our chat:

A European Inspiration

"It all started in Spain."

Becca shares. Experiencing conservas abroad, she realized canned fish could be more than just survival food—it could be a delicacy. This revelation sparked the idea for Fishwife during the 2020 lockdown, as Becca sought nutritious, shelf-stable foods.

Redefining a Stagnant Market

Fishwife was born from a gap Becca spotted in the American market.

"A $5 billion category with no innovation."

she remarks. While Europe celebrated canned fish as an art form, the U.S. lacked brand loyalty and culinary enthusiasm in this space.

The Catalyst for Change

Fishwife isn't just about introducing high-quality canned fish; it's about building a community around it.

"There was nothing in the there were commodity brands but no movement."

Becca explains. Fishwife, alongside brands like Scout and Salmon Sisters, has ignited a "movement" around canned fish, challenging and changing perceptions.

From Concept to Canned Fish

Entering the canned fish industry wasn't easy. Becca faced the challenge of high minimum order quantities and significant upfront costs.

"I spent half of my life savings on that first batch of fish."

she reveals, highlighting the risky yet rewarding path to launching Fishwife.

A Culinary-First Brand

Fishwife stands out for its culinary focus and vibrant branding.

"We wanted to be the Ben and Jerry's of seafood."

Becca states. This approach has made Fishwife approachable and relatable, encouraging consumers to incorporate tinned fish into everyday meals.

Expanding with Care

Growth channels and collaborations have been crucial to Fishwife's success. Partnerships, like the one with Fly by Jing, have opened new doors and brought in diverse audiences.

"Collaborations are amazing... they can just be so impactful."

Becca observes, emphasizing the strategic selection of partners.

As Fishwife expands, Becca is focused on refining the product development process and succeeding in national retail, particularly with Whole Foods.

"Our number one priority really is Whole Foods."

she mentions, underscoring the importance of their first national retail partner.

Becca Millstein and Fishwife are not just selling canned fish; they're selling a revolution. By blending European inspiration with American innovation, Fishwife is changing how we think about, consume, and enjoy canned seafood. As they navigate the challenges of expansion and retail, their commitment to quality, sustainability, and culinary excellence remains unwavering. Fishwife is more than a brand; it's a movement, reshaping the landscape of canned seafood one tin at a time.

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