Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey in baby clothing but unsure what to expect? Then read up on our interview with Alissa Wapinski, Co-Founder of Noomie, located in Miami, FL, USA.

What's your business, and who are your customers?

My partner Andrea Schneider and I founded Noomie, a baby clothing company focusing on making footies, PJs, and trendy pieces with adorable prints in the highest quality fabric, Pima.

Tell us about yourself

As moms, when seeking clothing for our little ones, we couldn't really find something that would catch our eye in this particular fabric (Pima), and so that is where we saw a great opportunity to start building a trendy clothing line made with 100% Pima cotton. What motivates us today is our team, the mom community we've built, and our families. Their loyalty and love inspire us to work not just hard but also passionately.

What's your biggest accomplishment as a business owner?

When we are walking on the street, at the airport, the mall, and all of a sudden, we see a baby wearing a Noomie piece; there is nothing quite like this. The fact that a project that started over dinner is now a recognizable brand within the mom community, that feeling is just amazing!

What's one of the hardest things that comes with being a business owner?

Staying relevant is the hardest challenge of all. There are so many options to choose from out there that we are always trying to find new and creative ways to remind our customers what our key differentiators are and why they matter when choosing clothing for their little ones.

What are the top tips you'd give to anyone looking to start, run and grow a business today?

  1. Find yourself a good support system, whether it is a business partner, friends, or family. You'll need them.
  2. Have a clear objective not only about what you're selling but what it is that you want to accomplish. Small steps work, realistic goals, and hey, if you exceed them, that's great!
  3. Stay relevant, find your momentum, and work hard on keeping it!

Where can people find you and your business?


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