Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey in health and wellness but unsure what to expect? Then read up on our interview with Seth Davis, Founder and Owner of Sleepably, located in Denver, CO, USA.

What's your business, and who are your customers?

I'm a certified adult sleep coach and the proud owner of Sleepably. Our company is dedicated to providing personalized sleep coaching for both children and adults. We understand that a good night's sleep is essential for overall well-being, and our mission is to help people achieve their best sleep possible.

Our customers come from all walks of life, ranging from busy professionals struggling with sleep issues to parents who want their children to get better sleep (which benefits everyone in the family). We also work with companies to provide corporate wellness talks and workshops about sleep, as we understand the significant impact that proper rest has on employee productivity and overall happiness.

We take a tailored approach to address each individual's unique sleep challenges and preferences, creating a customized plan to help them achieve better sleep and, in turn, improve their quality of life. So, whether you're a sleep-deprived new parent, a stressed-out executive, an athletic person looking to improve your performance through better sleep, or simply someone looking to improve their sleep habits, Sleepably is here to help!

Tell us about yourself

My journey into the world of sleep coaching began with my own personal struggles. For about 15 years, I experienced on-and-off sleep issues that significantly affected my daily life. It was frustrating and, at times, quite disheartening. Like many others, I tried various methods to improve my sleep, but none of them seemed to provide the lasting results I was seeking.

My determination to find a natural, long-lasting solution led me to explore the field of sleep coaching. As I delved deeper into the subject, I discovered that I wasn't alone in my struggles and that many people could benefit from the knowledge and techniques I was learning. This realization fueled my passion for sleep coaching, and I decided to become a certified sleep coach to help not only myself but also others who were facing similar issues.

What motivates me every day is the knowledge that I can make a difference in people's lives by helping them overcome their sleep challenges. I know firsthand how sleep issues can impact one's health, relationships, and overall well-being. By sharing my expertise and providing personalized guidance, I'm able to help others achieve better sleep and a higher quality of life. This sense of purpose and the joy I get from witnessing the transformation in my clients' lives keeps me inspired and committed to my work at Sleepably.

What's your biggest accomplishment as a business owner?

One of my biggest accomplishments as a business owner has been the positive impact Sleepably has had on our clients' lives. It's truly heartwarming and fulfilling to hear their stories of improved sleep and overall well-being after working with us. Some people have even described our coaching services as "priceless" or one of the best investments they've ever made. This kind of feedback is incredibly rewarding and validates the effort we put into helping people achieve better sleep.

To me, success is not just about financial gains or business growth but also about the difference we can make in the lives of our clients. Knowing that our work at Sleepably has such a profound and meaningful impact on people's lives is an accomplishment that I cherish deeply and one that continues to motivate me to strive for excellence in everything we do.

What's one of the hardest things that comes with being a business owner?

One of the hardest things about being a business owner in the sleep coaching industry is creating awareness and educating people about the value and importance of sleep, as well as the role a sleep coach can play in improving their sleep quality. Sleep coaching is still a relatively new field, and many people are not aware of its existence or the benefits it can provide.

It can be challenging to convey the significance of sleep and the value of working with a sleep coach, especially in a society where people often prioritize work, social life, or entertainment over rest. However, we remain steadfast in our commitment to raising awareness about the numerous benefits of proper sleep, both for personal well-being and overall productivity.

At Sleepably, we focus on educating people about the critical role that sleep plays in maintaining good health and how working with a sleep coach can make a real difference in their lives. Our goal is to help people understand that investing time and resources in improving their sleep is not only essential but can also lead to numerous positive outcomes, such as increased energy, improved mood, and enhanced mental and physical performance. That's why our tagline is "Invest in the REST of your life!"

What are the top tips you'd give to anyone looking to start, run and grow a business today?

Based on my experiences so far, here are the top 3 tips I would give to anyone looking to embark on this journey:

  1. Passion and perseverance: Ensure that you are truly passionate about the business you're starting. This passion will serve as a driving force that keeps you motivated and focused even during tough times. Be prepared to face challenges and setbacks, and remember that perseverance is key to overcoming obstacles and achieving long-term success.
  2. Understand your target market: Research and truly understand the needs and desires of your target market. The more you know about your potential customers, the better equipped you'll be to create products or services that meet their needs and resonate with them. Regularly gather feedback from your customers to continually refine and improve your offerings.
  3. Build a strong network: Networking is essential for any business owner. Establish connections with other professionals in your industry, attend conferences and events, and engage with your local community. A strong network can provide valuable insights, support, and resources that can help you grow and succeed in your business endeavors. Don't be afraid to ask for advice or share your experiences with others in your network, as these connections can prove to be invaluable assets.

Where can people find you and your business?


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