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Our GoSolo Show Best Bits

On each show we ask our guests who their most inspiring people in business are, plus their favorite business resources that they'd recommend to other entrepreneurs.

With such a wide variety of guests, across numerous industries, our guests have recommended a massive range of amazing authors, influencers, books, podcasts and other resources that will set up any entrepreneur for success!

Read on to find out more...

The early days of the GoSolo show

In Episode One, we interviewed Monica Sawhney of Shikshak who is a huge fan of Tim Ferriss, and the way he analyses how high performers have gone along on their own journey and what lessons they can give us for life and when running a business.

In the first of many shoutouts for Seth Godin, we heard about how much influence Purple Cow had on her business, with his podcasts a great listen week in, week out.

On the flip-side, when we met tech journalist Martin Bryant, he confessed that he doesn't read too many business books - "They can be useful, but if everyone reads the same business books, you get groupthink, so I take inspiration from elsewhere"

"Be interested in the world. Be interested in far more beyond entrepreneurship. For example, an interesting book about how the world works is: Haven't You Heard...? by Marie Le Conte"

"It's all about political gossip and the way that UK politics is shaped by relationships. Who drinks at which bars, who is friends with who, etc. Once you see just how much below the surface interactions influences politics, you realize that actually, that's the way the world works beyond politics as well"

Making a huge impression in life

Music For Pets Founder Amman Ahmed told us that "there are two entrepreneurs who have had a huge impact on my life. One is Tim Ferriss from The 4-hour Workweek because he was the one that showed me that you can be an entrepreneur and still have a good lifestyle"

"And then the other one was Tony Hsieh, the founder of Zappos. His book Delivering Happiness was incredible because it was all about customer service. Even though he was just selling shoes, people kept going back because their customer service was incredible"

Inspiring entrepreneurs

For sustainability impact agency entrepreneur Hannah Cox of BetterNotStop, we heard how this planet caring go-getter lists Deep Work by Cal Newport as a great resource to avoid distraction and an essential aid to 'get more done'.  

Eric Ries of The Lean Startup also received his first shoutout, as being a great foundation for anyone wanting to start a business and to focus on the MVP (minimal viable product), testing out ideas before putting too many resources into an idea that may go nowhere.

From Mike Stenhouse of Inside Property Investing, we had more love given to Tony Hsieh and Tim Ferriss, but a new entry joined the GoSolo charts courtesy of Danny Meyer and his award-winning Setting the Table book, which is all about bringing hospitality into any kind of business.

Gino Wickman also became a new name to our list, as well as the first mention of (love him or hate him) Gary Vaynerchuk who has subsequently received regular mentions on our podcast for his high-energy delivery, even if most references are prefixed with an 'I don't fully subscribe to all his methods and his never stop hustle mentality.'

New names and some familiar ones enter our list

For entrepreneurs Richard Lucas and Roger Davies, we were introduced to Daniel Priestley and David Goggins who although completely different in their journeys and offerings, have become serious sources of inspiration and have inspired these two entrepreneurs to take action in their own lives and businesses.

For 'POWERFUL' personal trainer James Brewer, there were many big-ups for some well known household names such as Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal, Steve Jobs and Tony Robbins - in fact James is all about gathering small bits of inspiration from many high performers on how they live their life.

This method has also spilled over into his own work as James gathers tips on business, investing and new ways of thinking from his elite clientele, which includes tech business owners, investors, and sports stars. James told us “I see how these guys conduct themselves and then learn from this each and every day.”

Going personal in the pursuit of inspiration

For interior designer Emily Cunnane of InSpace design, it's all about eclecticism in her inspiration with Kelis getting her first mention on the GoSolo show. Whether it's music, food or cannabis, Emily really feels what Kelis is doing in “being an entrepreneur on your own terms.”

The incredible Kelly Wearstler of course gets a mention too, building a multi-faceted empire around design.

And a personal favorite of host Jonny Quirk's - 'How I Built This' with Guy Raz also made our must listen to podcast list - thanks Emily 😃

Changing up formats

When we invited Bethany Wrede Peterson on the show, it was a transformational experience all round. Because not only did we receive great recommendations for:  

Richard Branson “If it’s not fun, move on and do something new”

Mel Robbins “she has been so outspoken and unapologetic about her struggles, and helped many people”

Mike Michalowicz (Profit First book) “ a philosophical take on finance”

But we also chatted about playing around with format, and trying new things, which is where the idea for our season 2 panel formats came from!

Coaching and leaving a legacy

In one of our most popular episodes to date, we swung by Paris, France to meet career and personal leadership coach Zeva Bellel to get some of her best tips and resources.

First on the list was B-school founder Marie Forleo, who is the Coach for digital entrepreneurs. Zeva's top takeaways from Marie were “You can have a lot of fun building your business", and "if you’re not being yourself then who are you”

Brene Brown also joined our list at this point "she is so inspiring “she’s a role model for being incredibly authentic and courageous."

Tips for running a marketing, SEO or community based business

Each week we try to bring a wide range of guests to the show who have experience starting or running a business that our listeners and viewers will get a lot of actionable tips from.

So for a special arc of episodes we met Laura Dew of the Wonder Co (a marketing and PR expert), Maddy Shine - the SEO Queen, and Jessica Ross, a marketing, community and social media expert who gave so much advice on how to look after all these important areas of any business.

Their favorite books gave shout outs to Seth Godin again, plus Essentialism - by Greg McKeown. Plus for anyone looking at branding, they should really consider 'Hello, My Name Is Awesome' by Alexandra Watkins.

For marketing, social and sales podcasts and Youtube, check out 'The Socialette Podcast'  by Steph Taylor, and Benjamin Dennehy - supposedly the UK's 'most hated sales trainer', but he does get results!

Changing gears and going deep

To add some balance to all the business talk, we invited breathworks master Craig Seaton on the show to talk about how to chill out more and use the power of the breath to relax and be a better entrepreneur. His recommendations were for people to check out Alan Watts, Jason Silva and Stanislav Grof if you're after ways to know yourself better and find release from any past trauma.

When surfer/philosopher Dion Mattison joined the show, we went deep, talking about Spinoza’s ethics “controversial but I really like that” and a big, big shout out for the surf bible 'Waves and beaches' by Kim McCoy and Willard Bascom.

It's time to become a digital nomad

To wrap up season one, we were treated to an hour with remote working and digital nomad expert Christina Voll. Throughout this show we heard some top tips for packing up and living your best life when on the road, plus some amazing locations to get the best work/life balance possible.

Thanks to Christina for recommending Eckhart Tolle and A New Earth for anyone wanting to have a more fulfilling time here on this green and blue planet.

Plus the Google chrome plugin Zest was a great shout for anyone looking for great marketing tips and content.

We keep adding more great resources to this library so check back soon. Thanks as always to our great guests and the energy they show up with every time we click record.