Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey in health and wellness but unsure what to expect? Then read up on our interview with Ali Duncan, Founder of Urban Sanctuary Denver LLC, located in Denver, CO, USA.

What's your business, and who are your customers?

Urban Sanctuary is an all-inclusive yoga studio that was created in 2016 when I saw the BIPOC community being pushed out of healing spaces in Denver, especially in neighborhoods experiencing rapid gentrification. Located in the heart of Five Points, our creative wellness offerings aim to disrupt this pattern by providing accessible programs that connect the benefits of yoga and meditation to creative practices.

Tell us about yourself

I have been practicing yoga and energy work for 19 years. When I moved to Denver, I noticed there was not a space that had brown/black teachers or students, so I created Urban Sanctuary. I love offering yoga and energy work to the community and allowing our classes to bring them together with a common interest. I love connecting with the community in a manner that is healing and supportive.

What's your biggest accomplishment as a business owner?

This will be my sixth year open, and I bought the building I occupy this year. Every year more people are hearing about our studio and try it out!

What's one of the hardest things that come with being a business owner?

The hardest thing about being a business owner is to doing my best to make healing accessible to everyone while covering the bills.

Do you have daily rituals for work / wellness / fitness / mindfulness? If yes can you please explain your rituals so we can include them as well?

I start every routine by creating my reality with my quantum jumps. I then move into twenty minutes of meditation to visualize my reality. Then, I move into writing about my reality in seven hundred and fifty words. I then read a few pages of a book. If it is Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday, I work out. I do my best to do yoga three days a week.

What are the top tips you'd give to anyone looking to start, run and grow a business today?

  1. Trust that you can do it!
  2. Surround yourself with people who believe in you.
  3. Be open to how it will show up!

Where can people find you and your business?


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