Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey in personal development but unsure what to expect? Then read up on our interview with Alyssa Waters, Life Coach of Waters of Wisdom Life and Spiritual Coaching, located in Las Vegas, NV, USA.

What's your business, and who are your customers?

As a life coach, my focus is on empowering individuals to find their own answers and reach their goals. When someone comes to me, they want to make a change or improve some aspect of their life. My role is to guide them from where they are to where they want to be, with a focus on producing tangible results. Together, we develop a plan of action and I hold my client accountable to follow through on it. Along the way, we address any common obstacles using techniques that are within the bounds of the law for a coach without a counseling license.

As a spiritual coach, I support individuals and groups in exploring and enhancing their spirituality and integrating it into their daily lives. My approach involves incorporating a spiritual element into the traditional coaching relationship. My goal is to guide my clients towards inner happiness, peace, and harmony, and to support them as they work towards finding their own sense of wholeness.

As a health coach, I help clients improve or enhance their health. Like other types of coaches, I assist in setting goals, asking thought-provoking questions, developing a plan, overcoming obstacles, and holding clients accountable in making positive changes in their life.

As a wellness coach, I support clients in improving or enhancing their overall health and well-being. I take a holistic approach, considering the mind, body, and spirit, and coaching my clients in a comprehensive manner.

Tell us about yourself

I am passionate about inspiring others. Growing up in Las Vegas, Nevada, was a unique experience. The party culture and stigmas around what beauty and success look like place great pressure on the youth. Being a social butterfly, it was easy for me to get wrapped in the distractions that drinking alcohol and partying provides. I buried feelings of insecurity, of not being enough. The city offers illusions of perfection and grandeur that set a confusing standard to meet for a young woman, unsure of herself and where she belonged. I constantly strived to be what I thought others and society wanted me to be. Pleasing the masses, but never my soul and quieting spirit. This opened the door to self-judgment, destruction, poor health, shame, and a long seventeen-year battle with binge drinking, depression, and anxiety.

Being a Life Coach is the most rewarding experience I have ever had. While helping you improve your life, you're improving mine as well. Together, we realize dreams, aspirations, ambitions, and strengths that you previously may not have seen about yourself. And, while doing so, I earn greater clarity of my life's purpose. As a now recovered, high-functioning "grey area" drinker. I turned my struggle into empowerment by dedicating my life to self-love, health, personal development, and service to others. My life underwent a total metamorphosis the moment I chose the act of courage and left fear and self-judgment behind. Little did I know at the time that this courageous act of self-love to go alcohol-free would provide me the clarity, the meaning of divine love energy. Sparking me to become truly alive for the first time in my life. The foundation was now set for self-discovery! Toxic relationships quickly faded, my professional goals that once seemed out of reach were achieved, and fifty-five pounds were lost, restoring my vitality. The improvement in finances was immediate, and I attracted a compatible partner who cherishes me. Healthy communication was being practiced, improving my relationships. Self-expression came with ease, and my inner child yearned for creative activities. Best of all, my confidence and self-worth skyrocketed, unleashing my awareness that I am limitless. This left my loved ones and environment speechless. They were in awe of my transformations. The natural leader in me was unveiled to the world, allowing fate to align its course. My destiny is to inspire through the true power of being an example of courage and a mirror of self-love. I found that self-compassion allowed for change, abundance to flow, and balance to be honored.

Waters of Wisdom was founded to empower YOU to be the hero of YOUR own story. There is a hero within every human waiting to be let out into the world. Each has a superhero that lays dormant, waiting to be awakened by the development of themself. By looking internally, you are taking the journey within. I truly believe that people are most successful with long-lasting results when finding their own solutions. As a coach, I guide you toward your own solutions through self-discovery by eliminating your blocks and fears. I am your support and accountability partner, cheering you along the entire way with non-judgment and confidentiality. Successful people ask for help.

What's your biggest accomplishment as a business owner?

Serving others successfully. I want to help you create the change you want. Supporting ambitious souls by providing access to self-realization of the blocks and fears holding you back from elevating your life. Time is a priceless resource that does not regenerate. Working with me will save you time by assisting you with finding solutions faster and by keeping you focused on your path so that you can achieve your goals as quickly as possible. Say goodbye to stagnancy! When you feel disconnected from both your inner world and the outer world, I help you reconnect with the divine, the self, and the world. The empowerment you receive when reinforcing your capabilities is priceless. Coaching is all about the now and moving forward toward an abundant future through finding your own solutions, and I am your guide!

My passion is to provide assistance to those ready for improvement in their life. I specialize in partnering with courageous souls seeking to enrich areas of their lives to bring a renewed sense of wholeness and balance within. As a former self-sabotager, I understand the toxic toll habits take on all areas of your life. Burnout, shame, anxiety, and frustration all affect your self-worth. I deeply understand the self-judgment and need for self-compassion it takes to create the transformation you want. My clients feel comforted working with someone who knows the battle intimately!​ Partnering with me as your Coach inspires you to redefine and recapture your Higher Self and Higher Power. I take you from being burned out on life to being the hero of your own story. This self-discovery journey raises self-esteem into the knowledge of your true divinity. While on this healing path, you will learn important tools, partake in exercises, and be given assignments to maintain a connection to yourself. Unleashing progression in the achievement of your goals! I aim to help you understand the sincere gift that you are by listening and mirroring true self-love and acceptance. Committing to me as your accountability partner increases your success. I am the bridge that provides the professional support you have been missing.

What's one of the hardest things that comes with being a business owner?

It's not an overnight success story. Being a business owner takes sincere dedication. It is mastering one learning curve after another learning curve. Releasing perfectionism, taking critics in a positive way, making mistakes, and understanding mistakes are how I gain experience. There are periods of intense activity and periods of what seems like nothing is progressing. When emotional upheaval happens in your life, you still need to meet your responsibilities. There is no PTO, and at the end of the day, everything relies on you. I have to make a choice each day to serve my life purpose. However, keep in mind that the most rewarding experiences always come with really hard work. It's my very own creation! It's a reflection of how I want to show up in the world. I don't regret a single thing! I even love the hard times.

What are the top tips you'd give to anyone looking to start, run and grow a business today?

  1. Focus on the character you are building within yourself along the process and not the outcome.
  2. Everyone who has reached the top of their game has made mistakes and failed. Each time you gain more and more experience. Don't stop just because you did not meet your perception of success each step of the way. When in doubt, return to tip #1. If you don't care about who you become in the process, then why do you want it in the first place?
  3. You can only create in the present moment, not when ruminating about the past or anxious about the future. The better you take care of yourself, the better your business will be. As within, so without. It all starts within. Trust yourself. Be patient. Be kind. Be compassionate. People remember the way you make them feel, not what you say. HAVE FUN!

Where can people find you and your business?


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