Hey there everyone, I hope 2021 is serving you well!

So I'm writing our latest post in a state of excitement, as today is the day when a lot of change takes place in the world.

Change can sometimes be a good thing, and sometimes change can be not so great...

I think we can all agree that the COVID-19 pandemic has been a change we all want to see the back of as quickly as possible, whereas in the US it looks like the changes taking place at the White House should lead us all to a much better world in terms of positivity, fairness and the environment.

Now I'm no politician, but I'm more than happy to go on the record and say that personally and professionally at Go Solo, we believe in a world where people are inspired to build more bridges, and not encouraged to support isolating and oppressive walls...

But let's just park that thought for a minute, because in other great news, we're finally sharing what we've been up to over the past few months, and that is the launch of something we're excited to call Subkit 🚀

I want to keep today's post fairly short and sweet, so as we can start spreading the good word about our launch.

But with Subkit, we believe that we have the potential to bring more positivity to the world by empowering potential entrepreneurs all over the globe to Go Solo, and in effect also change the course of their lives.

I'll be talking more about who we are, what we do and what Subkit is all about in the coming weeks and months, but today here's more about why we're here...

💡 Subkit - The Lowdown

Our Mission: To help regular everyday people go solo and achieve work independence on their own terms.

What Subkit Does: We help ambitious solo entrepreneurs start, run or grow a winning service-based business.

What Drives Us On: We're pretty obsessed about supporting the solopreneurs who come through our doors. We're building an incredible community team, with a load of our time spent focused on offering unrivalled dedication to helping ambitious entrepreneurial dreamers succeed.

🆕 We believe in a new way of doing things...

Currently there are many ways to start, run or grow a business, but ultimately a lot of them rely on ceding control to other platforms, giving up a big chunk of your revenue to third parties and becoming overly reliant on systems and services that become increasingly difficult to move away from.

So we believe in new way of doing things...and we believe success as a solopreneur should be about taking full control of your own destiny and being able to:

  1. Build your own audience on your own platform and own both.

2. Bank all of the revenue you earn and don't pay commissions.

3. Having access to essential tools all in one place at a fraction of the current cost.

4. Achieve real work-life balance to spend your time however you want.

5. Using your personal network to build new, relevant customer bases.

6. Foster growth and connections in your community - keeping money in the local economy and inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs to follow in your tracks.

We’re building a new global community of...

Solo entrepreneurs, changemakers, dreamers, and doers who believe in local, believe in people and believe in creating value for generations to come.

If you like the sound of the future we're building then get in touch to see how you can get involved in some way - if you have an idea for a great new service-based business then you can also reserve your username and request early access now.

Until next time...keep winning...

Jonny Quirk

If you like what you've read here, or want to join the conversation around solopreneurship then hit me up on Twitter or check out our YouTube channel - I'm always around!