Amy Shenk Morrison is the visionary behind True Core Health, a sanctuary for those seeking to enhance their well-being through a blend of traditional talk therapy, innovative breath work, and online coaching. With a robust background in mental health counseling and as a Certified Coach through XPT (Extreme Performance Training), Morrison crafts personalized wellness journeys that integrate physical, mental, and emotional health strategies.

Philosophy and Mission

At True Core Health, the philosophy is simple yet profound: connect clients to their deepest values and aspirations to unlock a vibrant future. Amy believes that understanding one's core self is the key to overcoming motivational challenges and creating a fulfilling life. This belief is embedded in every strategy and program she offers, making her services uniquely transformative.

Services Offered

True Core Health is not just about coping with life’s stresses—it’s about thriving beyond them. Amy Shenk Morrison offers a range of services, from breath work sessions that enhance body-mind connection to comprehensive online coaching that guides clients through personal development. Her approach combines the latest in mental wellness techniques with time-tested therapeutic practices to empower clients to lead more fulfilled lives.

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Amy’s Journey to Wellness Expertise

Amy's path to becoming a wellness specialist was forged through personal trials, including a career-ending illness that led her to retire prematurely from occupational therapy. This pivotal moment prompted her to pivot her career towards mental health and wellness, where she has flourished as a counselor and coach. Her academic credentials include an MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, supplemented by a rich history of goal coaching in Houston before moving into the wellness sphere.

Community Engagement and Impact

Amy's impact extends beyond individual client work. As an XPT Coach, she is deeply involved in the wellness community, advocating for holistic health practices that integrate physical and mental health. Her sessions, particularly those focused on breath work, have become a cornerstone of her practice, widely recognized for their effectiveness in fostering deep personal growth and health improvement.

Invitation to Connect

Amy Shenk Morrison invites anyone seeking to enhance their life through health and wellness to connect with True Core Health. Whether it’s exploring the potential of breath work or delving into personalized coaching, Amy’s expertise and compassionate approach make her a standout in the field of wellness.

With Amy Shenk Morrison, embark on a transformative journey that transcends traditional wellness practices. At True Core Health, you’ll find more than just support; you’ll discover a pathway to a thriving, healthful life designed uniquely for you. Engage with Amy and begin your journey to a deeper understanding of self and wellness at True Core Health.

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