Justine Colbert, the creative force behind "Justine Cooks Vegan," is a passionate advocate for plant-based living. Her journey into vegan cooking is deeply rooted in her personal health struggles and triumphs. As a rare disease survivor, Justine has used food as medicine, completely curing her lifelong eczema and reducing symptoms of endometriosis through a plant-based diet. Her mission is to create innovative, wholesome recipes that are as delicious as they are accessible, with a focus on gluten-free, soy-free, and nut-free options.

Biography: From Personal Struggles to Culinary Success

Justine’s path to wellness began with her own health challenges. Hormonal imbalances and skin issues led her to turn to plant-based nutrition to heal her body. Her dedication and expertise in holistic nutrition and cooking have enabled her to create recipes that taste amazing and improve her quality of life. Through her blog, Justine aims to reduce food waste and bring enjoyment to every meal, proving that you can both eat to live and live to eat.

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Boosting Immunity During Cold and Flu Season

Spicy Immunity Tonic

One of Justine’s go-to remedies for boosting immunity is her Spicy Immunity Tonic. This vibrant yellow drink, packed with ginger, turmeric, lemon juice, and apple cider vinegar, is designed to ward off illness. Justine recommends adding a drop of essential oil and raw honey for an extra immune boost.

Vitamin D3 and Probiotics

Justine emphasizes the importance of Vitamin D3 and probiotics for maintaining a strong immune system. Vitamin D3, often deficient in winter months, supports immune function. Probiotics, essential for gut health, make up about 80% of the immune system. Justine shares her favorite probiotic brands, each chosen for their effectiveness in supporting overall health.

Self Reflexology and Oregano Oil

Self-reflexology is another tool in Justine’s wellness arsenal. By applying pressure to specific points on the feet, one can strengthen corresponding organs and boost immunity. Justine also advocates for the use of oregano oil, known for its antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. She describes it as a must-have for anyone looking to naturally combat illness.

Additional Tips for Immune Support

Justine’s comprehensive approach includes using essential oils for respiratory support and overall immune health. She also shares her DIY disinfectant spray recipe, combining essential oils with water to keep her home germ-free. Lastly, she underscores the importance of hydration, recommending the addition of fresh lemon juice and pink sea salt to water for electrolyte balance.

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Conclusion: A Mission of Wellness and Deliciousness

Justine Colbert’s journey from health struggles to culinary success is a testament to the power of plant-based nutrition. Through "Justine Cooks Vegan," she shares her innovative recipes and holistic wellness tips, inspiring others to embrace a healthier lifestyle. With her focus on accessibility and flavor, Justine proves that vegan cooking can be both nourishing and incredibly enjoyable. Subscribe to her blog for more wholesome, delicious recipes that will leave you saying, "Wow, I can't believe this is vegan!"

For those interested in exploring a variety of delicious vegan recipes, Justine's website is a must-visit. At Justine Cooks Vegan, visitors can find an array of plant-based recipes that cater to all tastes and occasions.

In addition to her website, Justine has recently released a new cookbook titled "Whole Food Plant-Based Comforts." This cookbook, which she has been diligently working on for the past few years, is filled with comforting, wholesome recipes designed to delight any palate. Those interested in her cookbook can learn more and purchase it here.

Happy cooking!

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