Brock Davies, a notable figure from the reality TV show Vanderpump Rules, has embarked on a transformative journey from television personality to innovative fitness entrepreneur. His latest venture, the Homebody Live Fitness app, showcases his shift towards enhancing at-home fitness experiences.

Transition from Reality TV to Fitness Tech

Known for his role on Vanderpump Rules, Brock has utilized his public persona as a launchpad to delve into the fitness industry. This transition was partly inspired by the challenges posed by the pandemic, which reshaped the landscape of personal fitness and wellness. His response was the creation of Homebody, an app designed to bring the energy and community of live classes into the privacy of users' homes.

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Developing the Homebody App

Brock's vision for Homebody Live Fitness stemmed from observing the limitations of traditional home workout solutions. He aimed to create a more interactive and engaging platform, allowing users to participate in live sessions with real-time feedback from instructors. This approach not only enhances the workout experience but also fosters a sense of community among its users.

Key Features and Functionalities of Homebody

The Homebody app integrates several innovative features to stand out in the crowded fitness app market. It offers live-streaming classes that allow direct interaction between users and fitness instructors, mimicking the experience of in-studio classes. Additionally, the app includes features like workout customization, progress tracking, and community challenges to keep users motivated.

Personal Motivation and Business Strategy

Brock’s personal experiences and challenges have significantly shaped his business strategy. His dedication to fitness and well-being, intensified by his public and personal life, drives the mission behind Homebody. Brock plans to launch the app with a strategic approach aimed at tapping into the New Year’s resolution crowd, leveraging his visibility from reality TV to engage a broad audience.


Brock Davies’ journey from reality TV star to fitness app innovator reflects a dynamic shift in career focus driven by personal passion and market needs. With Homebody Live Fitness, Brock is not just transitioning careers but also aiming to transform how people engage with fitness at home. His story is a compelling example of how personal motivations can lead to innovative business solutions that resonate with widespread societal changes.

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