Where in the world are you located?

Austin, Texas, USA

What is your small business?

Yoga from the Heart. A heart-centered wellness practice offering yoga and meditation classes, therapeutic life coaching, retreats, and more!

Tell us about your journey...

Since the birth of Heart-ga (yoga from the heart) it has been my mission to make wellness practices accessible to everyone and anyone! I would love to see my for-purpose business grow and create a gigantic ripple in the world by connecting people to themselves!

An illustration of Pita A is looking at you and smiling
Pita A

What obstacles have you had to overcome to get to where you, and your business, are today?

Many. Managing a business on my own is the hardest thing I have ever done. The mission to implement sustainable practices as well as grow and develop in my field of work through education, and deeper understanding makes is very demanding. In addition, I must juggle marketing, planning, coordinating of events and classes, e-commerce, and admin!

What is it about being an entrepreneur that brings you the most joy?

I love being able to inspire and help people discover ways to feel healthier and connected. I also love to be able to donate part of my proceeds to non-profits and organizations! In addition, I reallllyyyy LOVE what I do!

Tell us your favorite womxn heroes, feminist icons, people to follow, etc...

Dolores Huerta, Isabel Allende, Malala, AOC, Frida Kahlo and Oprah.

I am Malala. This book is eye opening and truly speaks to the importance of women's education, equality, empowerment.

Where can people find you online?

Yoga From The Heart's website and instagram!

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