Hey, I'm Roger Davies and I'm the founder of Revolutionary Health Fitness. My work is split between in-person and online health coaching. So a lot of people think diet and exercise immediately but it goes really beyond that. Like sleep management, stress management, all those kinds of things as well. It's really kind of a holistic approach to health and wellness.

A lot people have been sold this idea that they need to flog themselves in the gym to get any kind of results. But the idea that you have to be in the gym five hours a week is misguided. A lot of movement is low-intensity type stuff. A lot of it is walking, but getting out. Are you getting over 10,000 steps a day? I think people view exercise as punishment. And I think that's people views of vegetables and fruits too.

I don't want to give someone just workouts or meal plans. I want to take them on a journey. So the package is eight weeks. Eight weeks is a good time to start to see some changes in people's behavior. It's really about behavior change. Mindset is a critical component — it's the foundation basically.

Life Before Revolutionary Health & Fitness

I was interested in music. I wanted to make a living out of music, but it's a pretty hard lifestyle. And it's probably going to grind you into the ground. You can have a horrible relationship with food, sleep, drugs, drinking, and all that kind of stuff. I got involved in the rock and roll lifestyle, which ultimately takes its toll. If you get kids along the way, that's going to be difficult.

When I was 26, 27 years old I was getting things like pain in my leg, which was a circulation problem related to poor diet, lack of activity and smoking. I was looking at people around me who were suffering from mental health problems. At the time I externalized a lot of problems and blamed, the world, my upbringing, the government, all these externalities. Until I realized that I can take control. So I started thinking about things I could change.

I started working on my diet, exercising more, and started noticing the change in myself and in my mental health and then my physical health. I'd turn up at parties and see people I hadn't seen for a year or so, and they'd comment, you're looking so well. Your skin looks great. You look like you've lost weight, et cetera, et cetera. And I just found that so much of my time was spent giving out advice to people. So I decided to make a career out of it.

Empowering My Clients By Changing Their Mindset

You might price for exercise sessions or meal plans and you don't price in between. But what I've found is it's those conversations and that support that really make a difference. I've helped a single mom in her 30s who had disordered patterns of eating food. And a lot of it comes down to emotional problems that I'm not qualified to address as a psychologist, but we can start to identify her patterns. She might eat these things at certain times when she feels certain ways, she might have beliefs about ourselves where she feels like she's not worthy of taking care of herself, she starts to get stressed and she just thinks, I'll just eat whatever I want.

We can identify those patterns of behaviour. And then we can start to change those behaviours over time. That's a top tier service with in-person consultations to understand the underlining  problem. Then there's a middle-tier with online coaching and a bottom tier where people get access to all the resources through the app such as meal plans, workouts, food diary, etc.

I might introduce worksheets later on where we might do something like the five whys or the heaven and hell exercise where you draw two columns, one has the results of you not doing what you should do to nth the degree and then other is the results of what you should do to the nth degree.

If you replaced, "I don't have the time," with "it's not a priority." Suddenly things shift. It's very different. It changes your approach to it. And it's like, What am I making a priority? That help you get your priorities in order.

Best Hacks For Behaviour Change

Sometimes you do yourself a disservice. You think that you're being more productive when really you're not, you're just being more busy. There's no quality there. I've been using a Pomodoro technique timer. So twenty-five minutes, without interruptions. To do whatever you want.

Save my time is a great time tracking app for tracking how you spend time. This tracks your time in the entire world. So basically you enter it, come up with the categories of things you catch yourself doing, and add your activities.

Business Inspiration

Tim Ferris got me into entrepreneurs, with the 4-hour workweek. There's a lot to digest in that. And I do come back to it every so often. I checked out Gary Vaynerchuk and occasionally liked some of his stuff. And David Goggins on resilience.

But I'm really inspired by people who can change things around. Who've got grit and perseverance in general. So sometimes I'm inspired by my own clients in terms of what they can do in the face of adversity.

Advice For Anyone Starting A Business

Think seriously about what you want to invest in it, how much time and energy you want to invest in it. Do what you prefer to do, but it's never going to be easy. There's never an overnight success.

People plug away at these things for a long, long time. If you're seriously committed to it, then don't worry about taking a side job where you can earn a little bit of money to help fund up, but you do have to be prepared to do it for very little or no wage for a while.

I wouldn't become an entrepreneur or set up my own business just based on the idea that I'm going to make money from it. If you want to go into business for yourself, you've got to be extremely resilient. You've got to have the door slammed in your face quite a few times.

Facebook Marketing Tips

I've got a free Facebook group, and there's no better engagement on Facebook, than asking a question. Everyone wants to have their voice heard. So you can put a question out there, people jump on it straight away.

But not only that, you've basically got your market research. And even if none of those people are potential customers, you can just talk to them as human beings. You can offer them some advice and point them in the right direction.

Nine out of ten times I get new clients from Facebook. And then referrals as well. If someone comments on a Facebook post, then I can send them a message saying, thanks for commenting on it. If they're not a member of the free group, I can invite them to join. And then I can ask them some questions, like what is it you're struggling with? Or what is it you're interested in doing? And I can point them in the direction.

Where To Reach Roger & Revolutionary Health Fitness

You can find me at Revolutionary Health Fitness on Facebook and here's my Facebook Group and Subkit.

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