Cheri Lucas is not just a renowned dog behaviorist; she's a visionary who has profoundly impacted the canine world. With over 25 years dedicated to dog rescue and behavior modification, Cheri's journey began with a humble mission to save dogs through her nonprofit, Second Chance at Love Humane Society. Her rise to fame was catalyzed by her collaboration with Cesar Millan, becoming a cornerstone in popular dog training TV shows and developing innovative training programs.

Early Influences and Career Beginnings

Cheri's professional path took a pivotal turn when she founded her rescue organization in 1994. Her commitment deepened after encountering severe behavioral challenges with rescued dogs, which led her to Cesar Millan. This partnership not only enriched her skills but also set the stage for her television and training career, helping her to refine a philosophy that emphasizes understanding and correcting canine behavior through leadership and structure.

Philosophical Approach to Training

Lucas's approach is rooted in the philosophy that effective dog training involves understanding canine psychology rather than humanizing pets. She focuses on leadership as the core of training, where clear guidance and structure help resolve behavioral issues. Cheri’s methods are showcased in her mentorship programs and Missing Link Workshops, which have gained international acclaim for their effectiveness in teaching both dogs and their owners.

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Celebrity Influence and Recognition

Lucas's expertise has attracted a clientele, including celebrities like Drake, Carrie Underwood, and Kaley Cuoco, who have sought her out for her unique ability to enhance the canine-human relationship. Her impact extends beyond the glitter of celebrity, earning her accolades such as the “Woman of the Year” award for her contributions to dog training and behavior.

Innovative Training Techniques and Educational Programs

Cheri is fondly known as “The Place Queen” by her students for her love of place work—a training technique that teaches dogs to find and stay in a designated calm space. Her educational ventures include the highly acclaimed Train the Trainer workshops and the online Learn to Lead Academy, which offers accessible resources for dog owners worldwide.

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Community Impact and Future Aspirations

Beyond training, Cheri’s heart lies in rescue. Her organization has saved over 5,000 dogs, breaking the cycle of shelter life through effective rehabilitation and rehoming. Looking forward, Lucas aims to expand her influence through virtual training sessions and in-person workshops, aspiring to enhance the lives of dogs and their owners globally.


Cheri Lucas represents the epitome of leadership and dedication in the field of dog behavior and training. Her life’s work not only saves canine lives but also enhances the quality of life for countless humans, making her a true leader and a beacon of hope in the canine community.

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