Devin Almonte is a renowned wellness lifestyle expert, national TV spokesperson, and on-air host for both TV and radio. With her extensive background in retail, broadcasting, and holistic health, Devin brings a unique and engaging perspective to her audience. As a Colson Fellow for 2023-24, Devin is dedicated to helping others discover their true identity and purpose through faith, wellness, and mindful living.

Professional Journey and Expertise

Devin Almonte has carved out a significant niche in the wellness industry. With over 15 years of experience in sourcing, producing, selling, and marketing various products for major companies such as Macy’s Merchandising Group, Williams-Sonoma, Inc., GlaxoSmithKline, QVC, and HSN, she has established herself as a leader in the field. Devin’s passion lies in the wellness space, where she focuses on products that align with her Five Core Dimensions of Wellness.

As an on-air host for QVC, Devin specializes in wellness lifestyle product assortments, combining her retail expertise with her engaging on-air presence to deliver strategic results. She also hosts the Evening Show for Star 99.1 WAWZ and serves as an anchor, host, and field reporter for RCN television. Her ability to connect with audiences and represent products authentically makes her a sought-after media personality.

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Founder of Product Mill

In addition to her broadcasting career, Devin is the Founder and President of Product Mill, a wellness lifestyle company. Product Mill specializes in connecting companies and their products with consumers through partnerships with multichannel retailers and media outlets. Devin’s comprehensive understanding of product, sales, retail management, merchandising, marketing, and broadcasting makes Product Mill a superior consultancy for businesses looking to expand their reach.

Faith and Identity

Devin’s journey is deeply rooted in her Christian faith. In her article, "Our True Identity Is Right at Our Fingertips," she explores how our unique fingerprints are a reminder of our identity in Christ. She emphasizes that our identity is not something we have to build or earn but is a gift from God, rooted in His love and grace. This message resonates deeply with those struggling to find their purpose and identity in a confusing world.

Meet Devin: A Personal Transformation

Devin’s personal story is one of transformation and redemption. From a life overshadowed by addiction and a distant relationship with God, she found purpose and genuine faith in her mid-twenties. This transformation inspired her to help others understand and deepen their faith. Through her media engagements, writings on spiritual topics, and hosting her nightly radio show, "Encouraging Star Stories," Devin connects with her audience, offering hope and inspiration for a Christ-centered life.

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Discover Your True Identity and Embrace Wellness with Devin Almonte

By following Devin’s guidance, you can transform your approach to wellness and faith, finding your true identity and purpose. Her expertise in wellness lifestyle products, combined with her faith-based approach, offers a holistic path to a healthier, more fulfilling life.

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