Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey in coaching but unsure what to expect? Then read up on our interview with Colleen Campbell, Founder and CEO of Ignite Your Potential, located in San Francisco, CA, USA.

What's your business, and who are your customers?

Ignite Your Potential is an inspiring website, blog, an online course to help you find your right-fit career path, a career journal, and two coaching centers in LA and SF where we help people be who they're meant to be lives and in their career. We offer career, executive, and life coaching. Our clients are smart people who want to accomplish their most vexing goals and have the life they want to be living. Our coaches either have the highest certification as coaches or doctorate degrees and professional experience in the field. Please check out our Yelp pages if you want to see what clients have to say about our exceptional services.

Tell us about yourself

From my perspective, we all have potential; we all have a zone of genius, special skills and talents, and gifts to give to the world. But life happens, and there are many things that can get in the way, whether it's adverse childhood experiences or trauma or the hard knocks of life that take us off track. In my own life, I had times when my future did not look bright, and I was lucky enough to find the right resources and do the healing I needed to get back on track. This inspired me to study how people change. To ask questions like what supports the human change and what gets in the way of positive change? These questions and others led me to get a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. After working in the world of psychotherapy, which I enjoyed and found meaningful, even back then, I realized I was strategic and action-oriented and wanted to use this to help people. That's what drew me to study coaching. I also love helping people create change in their lives and really live the life of their dreams. Change is possible. It's not easy, but it is totally possible, and having someone to walk the path with you and ask the right questions and share information on the best way to meet your goals will help you get there.

Do you have daily rituals for work / wellness / fitness / mindfulness?

Here's how I incorporate these elements into my daily rituals:

For Work:

  • Planning my day: Each morning, I take a few moments to outline my key tasks and objectives. This clarity helps me focus and stay on track, minimizing distractions and enhancing my productivity.
  • Breaking down tasks: By dividing larger tasks into smaller, manageable steps, I avoid feeling overwhelmed and find it easier to maintain motivation and satisfaction throughout the workday.

Wellness and Fitness:

  • Regular physical activity: I make it a priority to incorporate physical exercise into my day, whether through morning yoga, a walk during lunch, or a workout in the evening. This not only boosts my mood and health but also energizes me for the tasks ahead.
  • Healthy eating: Choosing foods that nourish both my body and mind is essential. I focus on meals that keep me energized and focused, supporting both my physical and mental performance.


  • Practicing gratitude: Either at the start or end of my day, I reflect on the things I'm grateful for. This practice centers me and highlights the positive aspects of my life, enhancing my overall sense of well-being.
  • Mindfulness and meditation: I dedicate time each day to mindfulness practices, such as focused breathing or guided meditations. This not only helps reduce stress but also improves my concentration and mental clarity.

Additional Rituals for Mental Well-being:

  • Reading for pleasure: I ensure to carve out time for reading, which serves as a wonderful escape, reduces stress, and broadens my knowledge.
  • Journaling: Spending a few minutes each day to jot down my thoughts, feelings, and experiences helps me process emotions, monitor my progress, and spark creativity.
  • Connecting with nature: Whether it's a brief walk outside or time spent in a green space, being in nature is a vital part of my routine that helps me de-stress and uplift my mood.

Implementing these rituals into my daily life requires dedication to self-care and personal growth. Inspired by the articles, I've learned that even small, consistent steps towards incorporating these practices can lead to significant improvements in mental health, well-being, and productivity. It's about finding the right balance and routines that work personally for me, keeping in mind that consistency is key to enjoying the full benefits of these daily rituals.

What's your biggest accomplishment as a business owner?

I love my work as a coach, and every day I have experiences with clients that are awesome and fulfilling accomplishments. As far as the business, building the business to a place where all different clients can find the coach that really fits them was a great achievement. That's one of the coolest things about Ignite Your Potential. We match clients with the best coach that can help them meet their goals. But we also have a lot of other resources to help people. And later this year, we will be launching the Ignite Your Potential podcast.

What's one of the hardest things that come with being a business owner?

Well, I've been scaling and growing the business for the last nine years, and that has taken a lot of work and dedication. I work six days a week because I see clients while also developing the business. That said, I plan to reach the goal, beginning in 2023, where I can finally get down to working five days a week. In addition to that, when running a business, there are unexpected challenges that pop up every week. But while that can be hard, it can also be quite rewarding as it pushes me to adapt, learn, and grow.

What are the top tips you'd give to anyone looking to start, run and grow a business today?

I would encourage people to start lean. In that way, considered the easiest and fastest way to get to consistent income. I say this not in a money-centric way but rather as a strategy to focus and get yourself into a place where you and the business can survive. Improvements, new ideas, and additional services can come later, but your first goal is to be out of the red. This advice is specifically geared toward small businesses. The start-up space is a little different. Their people should also think lean, but there are a distinct set of goals if you are attempting to get investors.

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

One of the ways we stand out in helping clients is we are client-centered. Our work is customized to each client. And our approach is both high level helping clients map out their vision and north star but also pragmatic involving strategic action plans to help clients get to that north star.

Where can people find you and your business?


If you like what you've read here and have your own story as a solo or small business entrepreneur that you'd like to share, then please answer these interview questions. We'd love to feature your journey on these pages.

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