Sarah Dussault, the vibrant mind behind "Sarah Fit," is a New England-based fitness and nutrition coach and content creator dedicated to helping women discover food freedom and self-confidence. With a passion for holistic health and fitness, Sarah has built a career that inspires and educates her audience, both online and offline.

The Early Days: From YouTube Star to Fitness Coach

Sarah's journey into the fitness world began on YouTube in 2007. As one of the first fitness channels to thrive on the platform, she enjoyed being a full-time YouTuber before influencers even existed. Her YouTube videos have amassed over 155 million total views and 235,000 subscribers, making her a beloved figure in the fitness community.

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During the rise of her YouTube channel, Sarah became a certified personal trainer (ACSM) and holistic health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She taught group exercise classes at Barry’s Bootcamp and various small studios throughout Boston. Her collaborations with renowned brands like Adidas, Target, Kohl’s, Oakley, Under Armour, and Ford further cemented her status as a fitness authority.

A Treasure Trove of Fitness and Wellness Content

Sarah's blog and YouTube channel serve as a treasure trove of workouts, recipes, personal recommendations, and practical wellness tips, aimed at demystifying the often perplexing world of health and fitness. Her content has been featured in prestigious publications like Women’s Health Magazine, Glamour, Shape, and Men’s Health Magazine. She was honored as Boston Magazine’s Best of Boston Personal Trainer in 2016. Teen Vogue, FabFitFun, and Mashable have all highlighted her as a favorite fitness YouTuber, showcasing the impact and reach of her content.

Balancing Fitness, Motherhood, and Family Life

Sarah's personal life has been a source of inspiration and growth, particularly in the realms of motherhood and family. In 2016, she welcomed her first son, Tommy, followed by the birth of her second son, Connor, in 2018, and her daughter, Elle, in 2021. The pandemic marked a significant transition for Sarah and her family, as they moved from the city to the suburbs of Boston, finding a new place to call home.

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In trying to lose the last of her baby weight after Connor in January 2019, Sarah discovered a program that changed her relationship with food and fitness forever. In March of that year, she became a certified Faster Way to Fat Loss coach, teaching the tools that helped her find peace with her body to other women. Today, she stands proud as a top 20 premier coach in the organization and the leading coach in New England, reflecting her dedication and the trust placed in her by the community.

Published Work: Sarah Fit: Get Skinny Again!

In December 2013, Sarah published her book, "Sarah Fit: Get Skinny Again!: The Right Exercises to Get Back Your Dream Body and the Secrets to Living a Fit Life." The book offers effective and fun exercises, insider tips on balancing life without fear of ruining your diet, and strategies to maintain your weight post-college. Packed with step-by-step photographs, numerous insider tips, and some of Sarah's favorite recipes, this fitness guide is all you need to regain and maintain the body you've always wanted.

Sarah’s Practical Advice for Sustainable Fitness

Sarah isn't a big fan of New Year’s resolutions. “I feel like everyone forgets about them after two weeks,” she says. “When it comes to weight loss, you start the diet and either don’t see results quick enough and fall out of the habit or you get burned out. I try to tell people to make practical goals that are attainable.”

Sarah’s journey from a college student struggling with weight gain to a fitness icon guiding people through their weight-loss process is truly inspirational. She emphasizes making practical, sustainable changes rather than chasing quick fixes.

A Self-Made Fitness Empire

While many fitness professionals migrate to Los Angeles or New York, Sarah is happy to call Boston home. Her blog and YouTube channel, which began as a side project, have turned into a full-time job, making money via affiliate sales, brand sponsorships, impressions, and campaigns. A certified personal trainer, Sarah also teaches classes at Boston-area studios such as Barry’s Bootcamp and Back Bay Yoga. “Boston is starting to have a lot more studios so people can say goodbye to their big box gyms and choose what they want to do,” she says.

Looking Ahead: Goals and Aspirations

Staying fit is a year-round commitment for Sarah, but she is always looking ahead. “I’m excited for 2014 to look into figuring out my next steps,” she says. “I’m hoping to get more into the local journalism scene, hoping to become a more local blogger than a national brand… Every year I’m surprised with the opportunities that are presented, and I’ve very rarely had a chance to sit down and strategize. I’m going to really try to do that this year.”

Join Sarah on Her Journey

Join Sarah in this journey of health, wellness, and family life as she navigates the challenges and celebrates the victories, finding strength, confidence, and a sense of belonging every step of the way. Follow along with Sarah at and explore a world of fitness and wellness designed to help you become the best version of yourself.

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