Max Noir stands as a pivotal figure in the intersection of extended reality (XR) technology and community empowerment. As an international content creator, model, and immersive technology community builder, Noir has dedicated over six years to the XR industry. After significant time in Uganda, East Africa, she returned to the US to spearhead efforts in cultivating an XR ecosystem focused on technological equality.

Leading Innovations at and FXG Technology

Currently, Noir is the Community Manager at, working alongside a dynamic team to reshape interactions within the Metaverse and reality. Additionally, as the head of FXG Technology of America, she has played a crucial role in adapting the successful strategies of their Eastern China branch to the US market, focusing on VR production and immersive world-building.

A Strong Advocate for Diversity and Inclusion in Technology

Noir’s commitment extends beyond professional achievements; she is deeply invested in creating inclusive technologies that reflect diverse backgrounds and needs. Her work includes developing VR experiences that raise awareness and provide education on various social issues, utilizing the platform to foster empathy and diminish biases.

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The Intersection of Art and Technology: Music and More

Recently, Noir has also ventured into the music industry, merging her technological savvy with her artistic expression. Her debut single, "Should I," mixed by a Grammy award-winning sound engineer, showcases her talent and commitment to blending creative mediums. This track was a collaborative effort with Chozen Blood, highlighting her deep connection to Ugandan culture and her continuous influence in the region.

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Noir Media: A Commitment to Educational and Economic Opportunities in Uganda

In 2021, Noir founded Noir Media, aiming to leverage her XR expertise to create jobs and educational opportunities in Uganda. With a significant portion of Uganda's population under 25, Noir Media focuses on preventing technological disparities and fostering a future where young Ugandans are integral players in the global tech arena.

Vision for the Future

Noir’s vision for her work in XR technology is deeply intertwined with her advocacy for neurodiversity and chronic illness, bringing personal experiences to her professional endeavors to enhance accessibility and understanding within the industry. Her efforts aim not only to innovate within her field but also to ensure that these advancements are inclusive and beneficial for diverse communities worldwide.

Through her diverse roles and projects, Max Noir exemplifies the potential of XR technology as a tool for cultural exchange, education, and societal improvement, marking her as a leading figure in the tech industry and a champion for global connectivity and inclusivity.

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