In the ever-evolving landscape of wellness and spirituality, few luminaries shine as brightly as Miki Ash. Her journey from artist to renowned yoga and meditation teacher, coupled with her role as a conscious content creator and the innovative founder of The How app, illustrates a life dedicated to nurturing both personal and collective well-being. Miki's multifaceted career is not just a testament to her diverse talents but also her profound commitment to fostering a deeper connection with the self and the world around us.

Artist, Yogi, and Visionary

Miki's artistic endeavors, deeply intertwined with her spiritual practice, have seen her painting murals across the globe, from the vibrant streets of Spain to the dynamic landscapes of South Africa. This blend of creativity and wanderlust speaks to her core belief in the transformative power of art and yoga alike—a power that she has harnessed to effect change within and beyond.

Her yoga journey began at 18 and was more than a path to physical wellness–it was a gateway to a profound inner transformation. Miki credits yoga and meditation with radically altering her relationship with herself, propelling her towards a mission to share these practices with others. Her dedication is evident in her role as an instructor at Alo Yoga in Beverly Hills, where she teaches and inspires through her authenticity and the palpable joy she derives from her practice.

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Cultivating Gratitude and Positive Change

Miki Ash is not one to keep her insights to herself. Through platforms like Instagram, she has cultivated a community of followers drawn to her uplifting messages, motivational mantras, and practical advice for living a more conscious life. Her approach to gratitude stands out for its simplicity and depth. Miki views gratitude as akin to yoga—a practice that requires dedication, time, and energy. Her daily rituals, including journaling, mindful walks, and physical expressions of gratitude, serve as a blueprint for others seeking to infuse their lives with positivity.

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The How: A Gateway to Wellness

Recognizing the need for accessible wellness resources, Miki launched The How app, a virtual sanctuary offering on-demand yoga, meditations, and workouts. This platform embodies her wellness vision as an inclusive, holistic journey, inviting users to explore practices catering to the mind, body, and soul. Through The How, Miki extends her teachings beyond the yoga mat, empowering individuals to embark on their healing transformations. Integrating The How into daily rituals has become a cornerstone of personal wellness for many, including using the app for guidance in yoga and meditation, taking supplements and vitamins, enjoying walks outside, engaging in various physical activities, practicing breath work, and dedicating time to reading. These practices, supported and inspired by The How, not only enhance physical well-being but also foster mental and emotional growth, illustrating the app's role as a gateway to comprehensive wellness.

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A Muse of Authenticity and Transformation

Miki Ash's journey is a compelling narrative of growth, creativity, and the pursuit of wellness. As a muse for Spiritual Gangster and a source of inspiration for countless individuals, she embodies the essence of living a life in alignment with one's highest self. Her contributions to the wellness community—through art, teaching, or digital platforms—highlight her unwavering commitment to helping others discover their potential and live authentically.

In a world that often prioritizes the external over the internal, Miki Ash serves as a reminder of the beauty and strength that lie within. Her work encourages us to embrace ourselves exactly as we are, to cultivate gratitude, and to actively participate in the creation of a life filled with purpose and joy.

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