Meet Shy, a dynamic Physician Assistant, Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), and the visionary behind BodiesByShy LLC. With a journey that traverses from a cross-country runner to overcoming overweight challenges, Shy embodies the transformative power of fitness. Co-owner of Level Up Fitness Studio in Fort Lee, she leverages her medical background and fitness expertise to guide women towards achieving their body goals. Shy's approach is rooted in the belief that fitness is not just about physical change but encompasses a holistic transformation that includes mind and soul.

Empowering Through Activewear

In 2021, Shy extended her passion for wellness into the realm of fashion with the launch of BBS FITNESS. This activewear line, born out of the desire to empower women on their wellness journey, combines comfort, style, and inclusivity. Each piece from BBS FITNESS is a declaration of Shy’s commitment to fostering confidence and self-expression among women, proving that activewear can be a vehicle for empowerment and lifestyle enhancement.

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Nutrition: The Foundation of Wellness

Shy's holistic view of fitness extends to nutrition, where she emphasizes the importance of healthy eating habits as the cornerstone of a balanced lifestyle. Recognizing the challenges of maintaining a lean diet amidst life's unpredictabilities, Shy advocates for discipline, focus, and dedication to break unhealthy cycles. Through strategic planning, hydration, and monitoring progress, she guides her clients towards sustainable, healthy eating patterns that support their fitness goals.

The Smartwater Wellness Check-In

Understanding that health and wellness require intentional effort, Shy Lovell participates in wellness initiatives like the Smartwater Wellness Check-In. Here, she shares practical advice for incorporating small, impactful changes into daily routines, highlighting nutrition, SMART goal setting, and the significance of investing in a fitness coach. Shy’s message is clear: embarking on a fitness journey is about making conscious decisions every day that align with one’s health aspirations.

Defying Age with Fitness and Nutrition

At 56, Shy Lovell stands as a beacon of age-defying wellness. Her secret lies not in expensive skincare but in a dedicated fitness and nutrition regimen. As a gym owner and fitness coach, she exemplifies how targeted exercise and dietary choices can significantly impact one’s appearance and vitality, inspiring disbelief and admiration from her followers. Shy’s approach is scientifically supported, with research affirming the anti-aging benefits of strength training and cardiovascular exercises.

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Conclusion: Shy Lovell’s Holistic Approach to Wellness

Shy Lovell’s journey is a testament to the power of holistic wellness, encompassing fitness, nutrition, and mental well-being. Through BodiesByShy LLC, BBS FITNESS, and her nutrition coaching, Shy empowers women to become the best versions of themselves, defying age and embracing health as a lifelong commitment. Her work is a reminder that wellness is an intentional journey of self-discovery and transformation, achievable through dedication, informed choices, and the guidance of passionate professionals like herself.

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