Breaking New Ground

Etila Santiago's journey from a skinny teenager with dreams of modeling to a renowned fitness model and IFBB Pro Bikini competitor is nothing short of inspirational. At the age of 15, Etila already had her sights set on the modeling world, participating in Brazilian modeling TV shows. Despite her early start, Etila was dissatisfied with her slender frame, weighing just 49 kg, and sought to transform her physique through fitness.

Her discovery of bikini models on television marked a turning point, leading her to embrace the gym and embark on a rigorous training regimen. This dedication quickly translated into a stunning physical transformation and ignited a passion for competitive fitness. Etila's resolve saw her quickly ascend the ranks, from a novice to a celebrated athlete on the IFBB Pro Circuit, all within a year of starting her competitive journey.

Etila's accomplishments extend beyond the stage, with notable successes, including a 4th place finish at the Arnold Classic Brazil and a victory at the Amateur Olympia South America, which earned her an IFBB Pro Card. Her commitment to excellence is also evident in her favorite training focuses, with particular attention to her shoulders and glutes, areas she trains twice a week to maintain her award-winning physique.

Beyond her athletic achievements, Etila's influence reaches the entrepreneurial realm with the launch of Etila Swimwear, a brand that embodies her love for the beach, summer, and high-quality swimwear. Her hands-on approach to her business, from design to customer service, reflects her dedication to excellence and her desire to deliver the best to her customers. Etila's story is a testament to the power of hard work, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of one's dreams, making her a true inspiration in the fitness and business worlds.​


Etila Santiago's fitness philosophy

Santiago's approach to fitness is not just about achieving a competition-ready physique; it's a holistic lifestyle emphasizing balance, health, and sustainability. Her training regimen, characterized by a mix of intense weightlifting sessions and strategic cardio, is designed to sculpt and maintain her iconic bikini body, with a particular focus on enhancing her shoulders and glutes while keeping her quads in check to avoid overdevelopment.

Etila's nutritional strategy plays a pivotal role in her fitness regime. She adeptly navigates various dieting methods, such as carb cycling, to remain in peak condition for competitions. Yet, she understands the importance of moderation and rewards herself with enjoyable meals, highlighting the significance of balance in a fitness-focused lifestyle. This approach underscores the idea that achieving and maintaining a top-tier physique involves a blend of disciplined training, smart nutrition, and the flexibility to enjoy life's pleasures.

In parallel to her fitness journey, Etila's entrepreneurial venture, Etila Swimwear, is a testament to her multifaceted career and personal growth. The launch of her swimwear line is not merely an extension of her brand but a reflection of her passion for fitness, fashion, and empowering women. By taking on multiple roles, from design to marketing, Etila demonstrates a hands-on approach to her business, ensuring that each piece reflects her high standards and personal aesthetics. This venture is not just about swimwear; it's about embodying Etila's lifestyle—one that celebrates strength, beauty, and the confidence to pursue one's dreams.

Etila Santiago's story is a compelling narrative of transformation, dedication, and success. From her early days as a model to becoming an IFBB Pro Bikini competitor and a successful entrepreneur, Etila exemplifies the power of hard work and the courage to redefine oneself. Her journey inspires not only those in the fitness community but anyone striving to achieve their personal and professional aspirations.

Etila Swimwear 

Etila Santiago's launch of Etila Swimwear is more than just a business venture; it's a culmination of her experiences as both a fitness icon and an entrepreneur. This move is a strategic extension of her personal brand, blending her love for fitness, fashion, and the vibrant beach culture. Etila's swimwear line is not merely about aesthetics; it's designed with the active, fitness-conscious woman in mind, embodying qualities of durability, comfort, and style that align with the dynamic lifestyles of her clientele.

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The positive reception to Etila Swimwear underscores Santiago's deep understanding of her audience's needs and desires. By involving herself in every aspect of the business, from design to customer service, Etila ensures that each piece resonates with her personal standards of excellence and reflects her unique vision. This hands-on approach has not only fostered a strong connection with her customers but has also set a high standard in the swimwear industry, emphasizing quality, functionality, and fashion-forward design.

Etila's journey from the fitness stage to the entrepreneurial arena highlights her adaptability and resilience. Facing challenges head-on, whether preparing for competitions or navigating the complexities of running a business, she demonstrates an unwavering commitment to her goals. Etila Swimwear's anticipated showcase at the Olympia Expo is a significant milestone, offering a platform to connect with a broader audience and solidify her presence in the industry.

Etila Santiago's transition from a celebrated IFBB Pro Bikini competitor to a successful entrepreneur with Etila Swimwear exemplifies her multifaceted career and her ability to inspire and empower others. Her story is a testament to the power of pursuing one's passions with dedication and hard work, making her a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs and fitness enthusiasts alike.

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