Meet Kali Bliss, a multifaceted creative artist, digital SEO marketer, and wellness advocate based in sunny San Diego. Kali's journey from business marketing to wellness coaching is a testament to her passion for self-improvement and helping others achieve a balanced and joyful life. In this article, we delve into Kali's diverse interests, her professional background, and her holistic approach to wellness.

The Creative Mind Behind the SEO Strategies:

Kali Bliss combines her expertise in digital marketing with her creative talents in photography and art. A graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in Business Marketing and a minor in Photography and Graphic Communication, Kali has honed her skills in search engine optimization (SEO) through years of experience at various ad agencies. Her ability to optimize websites translates into her broader mission of inspiring people to optimize their lives.

A Personal Journey to Wellness:

Kali's passion for wellness stems from her personal health challenges. Her journey toward better digestion and overall health led her to discover the transformative power of yoga. After teaching yoga for several years and leading the CorePower Wellness Cleanse Program in San Diego, Kali pursued further studies in Ayurveda and holistic health. This journey has shaped her holistic approach to wellness, integrating yoga and Ayurvedic principles to help others find balance and well-being.

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Empowering Through Yoga and Mindfulness:

Trained in integrative psychology, Kali leverages her business acumen and yoga background to coach and empower others. Her mission is to inspire people to improve their health, take better care of their bodies, and live happier lives. Kali's teachings emphasize the importance of creating a mindful and meaningful lifestyle, both on and off the yoga mat.

A Voice in Wellness Publications:

Kali's insights and knowledge extend beyond her coaching sessions. She writes for esteemed publications such as Yoga Digest Magazine, Yoga Guide Magazine, and Elephant Journal. Her articles cover a range of topics including yoga, health, mindfulness, astrology, and love, offering valuable guidance to her readers.

Embracing Life's Beauty:

Born and raised in San Diego, Kali cherishes the beauty of her surroundings and infuses this appreciation into her daily life. As a world traveler and ocean lover, she finds joy in creativity, photography, music, and art. Her blog reflects her zest for life, capturing the essence of living each day with positivity and optimism.

Living Fully and Giving Back:

Kali's adventurous spirit is evident in her love for outdoor activities such as snowboarding, skiing, waterskiing, and wakeboarding. Hot yoga and vinyasa classes keep her mind, body, and soul in harmony. Beyond her personal pursuits, Kali finds fulfillment in giving back through nonprofit work, understanding the joy of contributing to the community.

Connecting and Inspiring:

Kali's life philosophy is rooted in inspiring others and spreading positivity. She encourages people to take their yoga practice off the mat and into the world, fostering a life filled with happiness and love. Her adorable tabby cat, Tobin, adds a touch of merriment to her days.


Kali Bliss's journey is a beacon of inspiration for those seeking a balanced and joyful life. Through her creative talents, professional expertise, and holistic approach to wellness, Kali empowers others to embrace their inner truth and live with happiness and love. Connect with Kali on her social media platforms and join her in the pursuit of blissful living.

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