Jake DuPree's multifaceted career—from the dazzling stages of burlesque to the empowering world of fitness instruction—highlights a journey of self-discovery, advocacy, and artistic excellence. Their contribution to the arts and the non-binary community challenges societal norms and paves the way for a more inclusive and diverse world of performance. As DuPree continues to shine, their story remains a compelling narrative of resilience, creativity, and the transformative power of living one's truth.

Jake DuPree, an iconic figure in the realms of burlesque, fitness, and performance art, has seamlessly woven their identity and passion into a vibrant tapestry of artistic expression and physical empowerment. With a career that spans across illustrious stages, from the heart of Paris to the glitz of Las Vegas and into the digital world of fitness instruction, DuPree embodies the essence of versatility and resilience. Their journey is a beacon for the non-binary community and an inspiration to all who strive to live authentically and boldly.

Breaking Boundaries on the Burlesque Stage

DuPree's inclusion in the cast of Blanc de Blanc Encore marks a significant milestone in their career and for the representation of non-binary artists in mainstream performance art. Their transition from the Hollywood Bowl to the historic Crazy Horse in Paris showcases a journey filled with groundbreaking achievements. As the first non-binary performer to grace such esteemed platforms, DuPree challenges traditional gender norms and also enriches the art form with their unique perspective and immense talent.

A Fitness Journey Reimagined

Beyond the sparkle of burlesque, DuPree has carved out a significant niche in the fitness world. Recognized by Time Out Magazine and Pasadena Magazine as one of the top barre instructors in Los Angeles, they have transformed the fitness landscape with their inclusive and empowering approach. Through platforms like PopSugar Fitness and their own Patreon page, DuPree extends their passion for physical wellness to a global audience, advocating for a fitness regime that embraces all body types and identities.

Advocacy Through Art

DuPree's work extends beyond performance and fitness; it is a form of activism. Facing criticism for their lingerie modeling, DuPree stands unwavering in their mission to promote body positivity and gender inclusivity. Collaborating with brands that align with their values, they utilize their platform to advocate for the visibility and rights of the trans and non-binary community. In a world often marred by discrimination, DuPree's resilience and kindness serve as a powerful counter-narrative, inspiring others to embrace their true selves fearlessly.

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A Legacy of Diversity and Inclusion

From starring roles in musical theater to becoming Cosmopolitan magazine's first-ever unicorn correspondent, DuPree's career is a testament to the power of diversity in the arts. Their achievements underscore the importance of representation and the impact of inclusive storytelling. As the "Queen of Carnaval" in West Hollywood and a featured performer alongside pop icons, DuPree's legacy is not only one of personal triumph but also a beacon for future generations of performers who dare to dream differently.

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