Meet Jesica Williams, the dynamic founder of Feel More Gooder, a platform dedicated to inspiring individuals towards a holistically healthy, authentic life. From her early days as a collegiate volleyball player to becoming a revered holistic wellness blogger, Jesica's journey is a testament to living passionately and purposefully.

Athletic Beginnings and Educational Foundations

Originating from a robust athletic background, Jesica's early experiences on the volleyball courts at Rutgers University laid the groundwork for her interest in exercise science and holistic health practices. Her academic pursuits culminated in a degree in Kinesiology, which sparked her relentless quest to understand the human body's capabilities and the profound impact of lifestyle choices on overall wellness.

Embracing a Holistic Approach to Health

Transitioning from an athlete to a wellness authority, Jesica expanded her focus from physical fitness to encompass a broader spectrum of health determinants, including mental and emotional well-being, dietary habits, and the subtle influences of daily personal care products. Her blog, established in 2012, became a vehicle for sharing these insights, emphasizing the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit.

Jesica's wellness journey took a deeply personal turn when she confronted health challenges related to mold exposure and the reactivation of the Epstein Barr virus. These obstacles underscored the importance of environmental factors in health and propelled her to share her experiences of healing and resilience, encouraging her audience to advocate for their health proactively.

Advocate for Clean Beauty and Mindful Living

A significant aspect of Jesica's advocacy is her commitment to clean beauty. As a participant in the Clean Beauty Awards, she meticulously reviews products, focusing on their ingredients, efficacy, and the ethical practices of their manufacturers. Her favorites, like the Annmarie Gianni Rejuvenating Facial Oil and the Potion Masters Bloom Soothing Balm, reflect her stringent criteria for quality and sustainability.

Community Engagement and Social Influence

Jesica's influence extends beyond her blog and into a vibrant social media presence, where she engages with a community of like-minded individuals. Her Instagram account, @feelmoregooder, is a hub of positivity, featuring wellness tips, clean beauty reviews, and motivational insights that resonate deeply with her followers. Her approachable and sincere communication style fosters a supportive online environment where encouragement and holistic health advocacy flourish.

Championing Sunlight and Natural Wellness

Among her passionate topics is the benefit of natural sunlight exposure. Jesica challenges mainstream misconceptions about sun exposure, advocating for its role in vitamin D synthesis and overall health. Through her platforms, she educates on the importance of balancing sun exposure and protecting the skin naturally, always encouraging her followers to embrace the sun's benefits wisely and holistically.

A Vision for the Future

As she continues to explore and share her holistic health journey, Jesica remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what it means to live healthily. Whether it's through her detailed blog posts, engaging social media content, or public speaking engagements, she is a beacon of authentic living and a testament to the power of personal well-being.

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Conclusion: An Invitation to Join the Wellness Journey

Jesica Williams invites everyone to join her on a transformative journey of health and self-discovery. Through Feel More Gooder, she offers more than just advice; she provides a roadmap to a more fulfilled, health-conscious life. Her story is a powerful reminder that each of us holds the key to our health and happiness, underscored by her mantra to make every pulse count with purpose and passion.

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