Solo travel is a transformative experience that not only offers the thrill of independence but also the chance to engage deeply with the world. Jewels Rhode, the visionary behind TravelJewels, shares her expert insights on navigating the globe alone with confidence and ease. Drawing from her extensive travel experience, Jewels provides valuable tips for those ready to explore solo.

Choosing the Right Destination:

Jewels recommends starting with a destination well-suited for solo travelers, emphasizing safety, accessibility, and a welcoming atmosphere. Her blog, TravelJewels, features reviews and personal anecdotes about destinations that are perfect for solo adventures, helping you make an informed choice.

Packing Smart for Solo Adventures:

According to Jewels, efficient packing can make or break your solo travel experience. She suggests packing versatile clothing and essentials that cater to different climates and cultural settings. A proponent of sustainable travel, Jewels advises investing in eco-friendly and durable travel gear. Essential gadgets include a reliable smartphone for navigation and communication, a good-quality camera, and a portable charger.

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Staying Connected on the Go:

Jewels stresses the importance of staying connected for safety and convenience. She recommends purchasing a local SIM card upon arrival or subscribing to an international plan. Essential apps include maps, translation tools, and local transport apps to navigate unfamiliar cities safely.

Interacting with locals and fellow travelers enriches the solo travel experience. However, Jewels emphasizes the importance of caution. She advises meeting new people in public places, using reputable social platforms to connect with fellow travelers, and always listening to your instincts.

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Embracing Local Culture Respectfully:

For Jewels, truly engaging with a destination means respecting and participating in the local culture. She encourages learning basic phrases in the local language and understanding cultural norms to foster meaningful interactions. Jewels often participates in local workshops and tours to gain a deeper appreciation of the culture.

Promoting Sustainable and Ethical Travel:

Jewels is passionate about responsible tourism. She advocates for supporting local economies by shopping at local markets, dining at restaurants that source ingredients locally, and staying in accommodations that practice sustainability. This approach not only enhances the travel experience but also contributes positively to the host community.


Jewels Rhode of TravelJewels believes that solo travel is a powerful way to discover the world and oneself. With the right preparations, a focus on safety, and a deep respect for cultural differences, any solo traveler can have a fulfilling and enriching adventure. Follow Jewels for more insights and inspiration as you prepare to embark on your own solo journey, embracing the beauty of the world one destination at a time.

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