Lauren LeBeaux is a certified trauma-conscious yoga teacher, Shamanic healer, Scent Priestess, and intuitive based in Newark, New Jersey. With a deep commitment to helping Black and Brown women heal from trauma, Lauren utilizes meditation, movement, mantras, and divination to guide her clients toward self-discovery and healing. Known for her warm spirit and radical authenticity, Lauren’s mission is to empower her clients to break old patterns, heal themselves, and become the person they were always meant to be.

Lauren LeBeaux Lifestyle: A Journey of Healing and Transformation

Lauren LeBeaux’s journey to becoming a Shamanic healer and trauma-conscious yoga teacher is a testament to her resilience and dedication. She has worn many hats, from lawyer and dating coach to event planner and social media marketer. Despite facing numerous personal challenges, Lauren invested in her healing through therapy, meditation, and various holistic practices.

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Through her work, Lauren shares her story to inspire others to transcend their limitations and embrace their true potential. She combines her expertise in yoga, meditation, breathwork, chakra alignment, and somatic practices to offer a holistic and transformative healing experience.

Lauren’s own healing journey involved releasing toxic relationships, breaking familial patterns, and embracing a plant-based lifestyle. She now helps others find their inner peace, joy, and resilience through her integrative approach to healing.

Leadership in the Arts: Lauren LeBeaux’s Role at Newark Arts

In addition to her work as a healer, Lauren LeBeaux Craig, Esq. has made significant contributions to the arts community in Newark. Recently appointed as the Executive Director of Newark Arts, Lauren brings a unique blend of creativity, strategic vision, and healing-centered leadership to the organization.

Lauren’s journey with Newark Arts began in 2016, where she initially served as a Board Member before taking on roles such as Director of Marketing and Artistic Initiatives. Her efforts have been instrumental in elevating the Newark Arts Festival and fostering partnerships that connect local artists with broader opportunities. Her leadership during the pandemic showcased her ability to adapt and innovate, ensuring the arts community continued to thrive.

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With a background in law and extensive experience in marketing, community relations, and artist advocacy, Lauren’s appointment as Executive Director marks a new chapter for Newark Arts. She is committed to supporting the diverse artist community in Newark and promoting the city as a vibrant hub for the arts.

Empowering the Community: Lauren’s Vision for Newark Arts

Lauren LeBeaux Craig’s vision for Newark Arts includes raising capital, expanding services, and centering the voices of artists in the region’s creative economy. Her holistic approach to leadership emphasizes the importance of healing and wellness within the arts community.

Under her guidance, Newark Arts aims to continue its mission of empowering artists, addressing social injustices, and promoting health and wellness through creative expression. Lauren’s leadership is poised to drive transformational growth and make Newark a model for community-focused creative placemaking.

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