Stephanie, known as The Wholistic Mama, is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Health Educator, and Wholistic Lifestyle Expert based in Atlanta, Georgia. Her journey into holistic health began after a car accident nearly left her paralyzed and a subsequent Lupus (SLE) diagnosis in 2010. Embracing a plant-based, holistic lifestyle, Stephanie successfully reversed her autoimmune condition and has been medication and symptom-free for over a decade. Her mission is to educate readers on living healthier lives and becoming knowledgeable consumers to enhance their overall well-being. Stephanie’s platform covers holistic lifestyle tips, health and nutrition education, wellness, and parenting, making her a trusted voice in the holistic health community.

Stephanie’s Expertise and Contributions

Stephanie's credentials include a holistic nutrition certification from AFPA and a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology with a concentration in neuroscience from CUNY Hunter College. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in education, with plans to continue towards a specialist degree. Beyond her professional achievements, Stephanie is deeply committed to the Lupus community, volunteering through various non-profits and grassroots organizations. Her dedication has earned her three WEGO Health Award nominations for philanthropy and community service.

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Optimizing Children’s Immune Health: Facts & Strategies for Parents

As we navigate the cold, flu, and RSV season, many parents are eager to boost their children’s immune systems. Stephanie addresses a common misconception: the idea that we can "boost" the immune system. Instead, she emphasizes that we can support our children’s immune systems to function optimally. Here are her insights and strategies for parents:

Understanding Immune-Boosting

The term "immune-boosting" suggests that we can trigger the immune system into overdrive, but the reality is more nuanced. The immune system is designed to activate only when it detects threats to health. This intricate process involves the innate immune system, present from birth, which can improve its response through exposure to various pathogens during childhood.

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Supporting, Not Boosting

Stephanie clarifies that no supplement can genuinely "boost" the immune system. The wellness industry often markets products claiming to enhance immunity, but addressing the root causes of a child’s susceptibility to illness is more effective. Here are practical strategies to support your child’s immune system:

  1. Annual Check-Ups: Regular health check-ups can identify immune health status and nutritional deficiencies through lab work.
  2. Adequate Sleep: Ensure children get enough sleep based on their age. Lack of sleep can compromise immune function.
  3. Hygiene Practices: Remove shoes before entering the home to prevent bringing in harmful bacteria. Encourage children to shower or bathe immediately after school to wash away germs.
  4. Nutrient-Dense Diet: Provide a diet rich in fiber, vitamins D, A, C, B-complex, and minerals like iron and magnesium. Incorporate fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish, sprouted grains, and legumes.
  5. Sensory and Food Aversions: For children with sensory issues or neurodivergent conditions, introduce new foods gradually and work closely with healthcare providers to create a tailored nutritional plan.


Stephanie, The Wholistic Mama, is a beacon of inspiration and knowledge in the holistic health community. Her personal journey of overcoming adversity and her professional expertise make her an invaluable resource for those seeking to improve their health and wellness. By following her practical tips and holistic approach, parents can support their children’s immune health effectively, ensuring a healthier and happier life for their families.

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