Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey in floristry, but not sure what to expect? Then check out our interview with florist, Cleo Jones, owner of Flowers by Cleo, in Wolverhampton, West Midlands.

Tell us about yourself and your journey to where you are today...

It had always been my dream to grow fruit and vegetables in my own back yard whenever the opportunity came along to buy our own house. in February 2020 we received the keys to our first family home and before we had a single item of furniture or even moved in we had homed a courgette plant which was gifted to my by my father. My focus suddenly went from renovating our house to transforming our garden. I purchased my first lot of flowers from a local garden centre and couldn't help but want to cut them to bring into the house.

After cutting away at the flowers I made my first arrangement and couldn't believe the joy it brought me, working with nature to create something so simply beautiful to enjoy. I was out of work after giving birth to my beautiful daughter Millie and always told myself that when the time came to go back I would ensure it was something that I was passionate about. Never had I been more sure that this was to work with flowers. I bought hundreds of pounds worth of seeds and bulbs early 2021 and have been reaping the rewards ever since. Never did i ever think i would find my dream job from taking up a pair of scissors, scattering a few seeds and waiting patiently. HA! I wish it was that simple.

What motivates you each day?

It would be hard to wake up every morning if i did not do something I didn't enjoy. We have all been there right? dreading a Monday morning. However, I never feel that way. Joy, passion, the support from those I love and the end goal is what motivates me and keeps pushing me forwards.

What makes your flower business stand out?

When you grow your own flowers you have so many more options available to you, in terms of flowers. I love it when my customers say "OMG, what is that?" ...sometimes even florists. Don't get me wrong the customer always comes first and if I do not have certain flowers available I will try my best to source them from other local growers or wholesale markets.

It all started with hand tied bouquets but now my main focus is on weddings and events. To play a part in someones big day, to deliver the bride their perfect bouquet, to see the faces of the bride and groom who trusted you to deliver their dream wedding flowers. The feeling every time is just incredible and gives me so much pride to know I could do that for them.

To what would you attribute your entrepreneurial success?

Time, consistency and owning my brand. Sometimes it can be overwhelming when there are so many people who are in your field, but nobody can do it just like you do. Know your brand, where you want to be and go for it! You have to go and get it, having an idea is one thing but to actually achieve your end goal it takes time, hard work and dedication, It doesn't just happen over night.

What's been your biggest accomplishment to date as a business owner?

To be where I am, to have not given up, and that I keep going.

What is the hardest thing that comes with being a business owner?

Sacrifices. Missing out on spending time with family, friends and sleep.

Where can people find you online?


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