Matthew MacNabb, known for his stint on "Love Island" and his remarkable run to the semi-finals of "Dancing With The Stars". At the core of his happiness are his loved ones, who he considers his foundation, empowering him to achieve his ambitious goals. Matthew treasures his adventures around the globe, embracing the world's vastness and the personal growth that comes with stepping into the unknown.

The Value of Living Fearlessly

Matthew’s life philosophy revolves around confronting fears, a strategy that has unlocked a fulfilling and liberated existence for him. He credits his adventurous spirit for providing a fresh perspective on life's possibilities. His connection with nature, from scaling mountains to exploring the wilderness, serves as a constant reminder of life's grandeur, minimizing his everyday concerns and enhancing his gratitude for the natural world.

A Commitment to Making a Difference

Driven by a passion for service, Matthew finds profound fulfillment in assisting others. His participation in charity work, like promoting a sunflower charity for suicide prevention and cancer research, reflects his desire to contribute positively to society. Matthew also finds joy in simple daily pleasures like spending time with his dog, Fudge, and appreciating the beauty of sunsets, which remind him to cherish each day as a gift.

Transformation and Personal Growth

Since his appearance on "Love Island," Matthew has undergone a significant transformation, becoming a fitness influencer and embracing a healthier lifestyle. This change was sparked by his desire to improve himself physically and mentally, a journey he began by consuming a high-calorie diet to bulk up, showcasing his dedication to achieving his fitness goals.

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Promoting Healthier Social Interactions

In Dublin, Matthew has initiated a 'walk and talk' event aimed at encouraging healthier lifestyle choices and fostering new social connections outside the traditional pub scene. This initiative is part of his broader effort to influence positive change through community engagement, reflecting his commitment to enhancing collective wellbeing.

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Personal Life and Future Endeavors

Matthew's relationship with Laura Nolan, which blossomed during their time on "Dancing With The Stars," highlights his personal life's romantic aspect. The couple's story adds a layer of depth to his public persona, showcasing their shared experiences and future aspirations. Looking forward, Matthew is focused on developing his lifestyle and wellbeing app, aiming to provide tools for others to improve their lives holistically.


Matthew MacNabb’s journey is a compelling narrative of growth, joy, and continuous self-improvement. From reality TV star to fitness influencer and philanthropist, his multifaceted life inspires many to pursue their passions fearlessly and make a meaningful impact in their communities. Whether scaling mountains or developing innovative apps, Matthew embodies the spirit of a modern adventurer and influencer, committed to living a life full of purpose and positivity.

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