Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey in health but unsure what to expect? Then read up on our interview with Kendra Duquette, Co-Founder of Preventative Health Institute, located in Bloomington, IL, USA.

What's your business, and who are your customers?

I am the co-founder of the Preventative Health Institute, along with my business partner Jenni Wise. The Preventative Health Institute is a certification program for Preventative Health Practitioners. It is much like a health coaching certification, but we are turnkey, plug-and-play, almost like a franchise. All you need to do is learn the program and implement it! Not only do we teach our proven Take Your Health Back Now system that we have used to help thousands of people reverse and recover from chronic health conditions in our own practice, but the Preventative Health Practitioner Program provides the roadmap health and wellness entrepreneurs need to build their own portable, profitable, impactful wellness business based on our proven system for creating foundational wellness developed through years of clinical Functional Medicine and Environmental Health research, expertise, and real-world outcomes. Preventative Health Practitioner Training and Certification includes everything needed to launch a successful wellness career!

We work with health coaches who have graduated and are now asking, “now what,” to holistic practitioners who are looking for a Preventative Health Foundational program for their patients, to entrepreneurs who are passionate about health and wellness that are looking for a new career. The only prerequisites are a passion for helping others and a commitment to learning a tried and true system.

Tell us about yourself

Most of my life, I suffered from chronic health issues, which finally hit rock bottom after the birth of my second child when I was 30. I had no luck with conventional medicine, so I decided if no one was going to advocate for me, I would take control of my own health! I was able to reverse my symptoms on my own and became extremely passionate about helping others do the same.

Having recovered from debilitating health issues myself, I am living proof of the power of Functional Medicine, environmental health, and living a Preventative Health lifestyle. I now have vast expertise in the fields of nutrition, lifestyle, environment, and epigenetics, and hold a deep understanding of what it takes to get healthy and stay healthy. I have dedicated most of my adult life, through various enterprises, to inspiring people to take a proactive approach to their health. I have served to empower them through education, tools, and resources that focus on the cause and prevention of chronic disease.

In the past twenty years, my business partner Jenni Wise and I have built several health and wellness businesses focused on Preventative Health, all dedicated to teaching people how to live a lifestyle that prevents chronic health conditions. About ten years ago, we partnered with my now husband, who had been practicing Functional medicine in his own private practice for many years, and we ended up combining our programs into a system that we call Take Your Health Back Now. We were getting amazing results in our own practice, but we realized that the need for this is so great, and we can only help so many people ourselves! Chronic and autoimmune conditions are at epic levels, and conventional medicine is unable to resolve them. We decided that if we could package up our system that was working so successfully for our own clients, we could teach others to use our system and start their own businesses, and in turn, together, we could truly change the world! That is how the Preventative Health Institute was born!

Flash forward to today. I am a serial entrepreneur and LOVE empowering people with our Preventative Health Practitioner Certification Program to not only get THEIR health back but to have autonomy and freedom of time and choices and abundance... to help people achieve a portable, profitable, IMPACTFUL business using our proven systems that we have used in our own businesses to help thousands LIVE to THRIVE! To save people TIME, MONEY, and MISTAKES that we have made over the years ❤ (Really just changing the world and the health care system as we know it).

I am also extremely passionate about health freedom, the health of all life and our planet - the fact that we are not separate from nature but are one with nature and ALL life, and that the health of not only people but the health of the entire planet hangs in the balance, and with the lifestyle choices we make to heal ourselves we, in turn, heal the planet. I am a mom, a "Mimi," a wife, and a rescue dog mom, and I am on a mission to make the world a better place for all. I am a two-time author, a podcaster, a public speaker, an Empowerment Leader, a businesswoman, and a Preventative Health Practitioner. I believe in living a life of purpose, and that is what I am doing!

What's your biggest accomplishment as a business owner?

Preventative Health Institute is really an empowerment company at heart, so the fact that we have built this amazing program that not only optimizes people’s health when they go through it but also sets them up for success in their own business is so exciting to me! The fact that when people become Certified Preventative Health Practitioners, they can immediately take their first client with nothing to hold them back, no “what do I do now” or “what will I teach” or “how do I set up a website,” it is all in place by graduation so that all they have to do it go out and help teach people how to regain their health and thrive by living a preventative health lifestyle.! There is no better feeling than that!

What's one of the hardest things that comes with being a business owner?

I would say not getting frustrated and giving up. So many business owners give up too soon before realizing their dream. Being an entrepreneur is so empowering and gratifying, but it is hard work and takes time, especially in the beginning when you are building your business. Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone! I would just remind people that the road to the success you want is not a straight line; it twists and turns with obstacles along the way. “Failure is a lesson; success is a lesson applied.” You will have many “failures,” which are all lessons, to build something that is truly successful!

What are the top tips you'd give to anyone looking to start, run and grow a business today?

  1. You have to have your vision, your dream, and your idea. You can’t go on a trip without knowing where you are going, right?
  2. You have to have a strong desire to achieve your goal. Be so passionate about this that you can literally see it as if it is already a reality and have faith that it will happen no matter what.
  3. Persistence and determination. Without these, a dream is just a dream. Persistence and determination are the actions you take to get there.
  4. I would add a fourth. I believe that to be a successful entrepreneur; you have to be decisive; you have to be able to make decisions. Just like persistence and determination, being decisive is taking action.

If you apply these four tips, you will be sure to have success in your business!

Where can people find you and your business?


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